As a fan lovingly placed a piece of origami art in the form of the distinctive GoGo Penguin logo on the stage. You could feel the sense of anticipation amongst the crowd. All eager for an intimate night hearing the sounds from a rising star of UK jazz. Having been touring pretty much non-stop for 2017 and 2016, GoGo Penguin is now promoting their new album A Humdrum Star. Though quite how they found time to write and record the album is a mystery.

The group continue to pioneer their own sound distinct sound. Breaking mainstream jazz conventions, the group perform as a three-piece with no brass. It’s a formula that’s working as the group prepare to play to a sold-out Roundhouse.

As the trio strode out on stage, to the sounds of whooping and cheering. The room soon descended into an expectant hush, as GoGo Penguin launched into Raven. As the song progressed, there were more than a few in the crowd with their eyes closed, as they let the cascading piano melodies wash over them.

The trio went into showcase nearly their entire new album. With all their tracks bearing their trademark hypnotic sound, which has captured their fans. With piano melodies combined with intricate drum and double bass behind it. GoGo Penguin has mastered a melodic form of jazz, which is accessible to everyone. While being at the same time carrying a deep and meaningful sound.

Playing together as a tight unit, backed by a GoGo Penguin themed light show behind them and light smoke playing across the stage. All together this creates an other-worldly experience.

As the show reached its conclusion the group launched into Protest. With it’s chugging beat, the song broke from their breed of trance-like jazz. With an almost rock- like power ballad feel to it. It was the perfect high energy track to end the show.

Check out GoGo Penguin’s new album A Hundrum Star, out now

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