Ghost @ Motorpoint Arena Nottingham, 16/11/2019 – A Pale Tour Named Death – Review

Ghost has evolved a lot throughout the years. From one style and only five members they grew into the whole show with at least eight members with masks and silent, mysterious yet joyful attitude.

The vocalist – Tobias Forge – is now changing costumes a number of times during the show and he’s no longer covered by “satanic priest” attire. He looks fresher, younger and lively. Tobias is the only member who’s identity is well-known as the rest of Ghost members are so called “nameless ghouls” who remain anonymous. All of this creates a mystical aura that attracts more and more fans. The band uses visuals in the most traditional way, just like KISS, Slipknot or Marilyn Manson are, but keeping it original in their own unique style with elements from Christianity and Catholicism mixed with Satanism.

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The strong imagery with religious back story and symbols ironically create a religious-like following. It works wonders, especially thanks to the gospel/rock/gothic style music with clean vocals, which almost feels like a church service only with Satanic and almost evil looking make up and masks of Ghost members. The stage is decorated as an ancient time alter made out of white bricks, decorated with flower vases and stained glass windows in the back resembling a church. Some fans in the audience are wearing the same ghoul or Tobias’s costumes and masks showing their admiration.

Despite the band’s dark and satanic imagery the music that they play,  their attitude on stage and the way they interact with each other and with audience are positive and entertaining which drives attention even more wanting to see them perform again and again. Audience singing along to Ghost’s most well known tune “Cirice” sounded like church choir which perfectly fitted the whole performance of the band. Ghost is hands down one of the most entertaining bands to this day. Every element of their performance from visuals, melodic, catchy music to the way band members communicate in a funny way without saying a word because of the masks, that resembles silent comedy era, is well thought and works perfectly. It explains why every time Ghost announce their tour they end up with sold out venues. A Pale tour Named Death will continue until 19h of December 2019. The last show in the UK will take place in Leeds. We encourage you to go and experience true art named “Ghost”.

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