On Saturday Evening, as part of Independent Venue Week and in aid of Safe Gigs for Women, Frank Turner played an intimate set at Liverpool’s EBGBs; an incredibly unique live music venue, housed in the basement of a 200 year old building, below the iconic Heebie Jeebies.

The crowd fell silent as Frank opened with ‘Be More Kind’, the title track from his upcoming album, before diving into acoustic renditions of tracks from all areas of his career; including singles ‘The Way I Tend To Be’, ‘Recovery’ and ‘The Next Storm’. The gig was Frank’s first since announcing his upcoming album and World tour earlier last week and the crowd were treated to three more tracks from the album; ‘1933’, ‘There She Is’ and ‘Get It Right’. You’d expect sing-along’s to be the loudest during the first two since they’ve already been released into the wild, though Frank enthusiastically taught the crowd the catchy ‘Get It Right’ mid-song, resulting in 200 voices echoing throughout the venue.

Renowned for the element of surprise in all of his set lists, Frank didn’t disappoint and the lesser heard ‘Longing For The Day’ and ‘Tattoos’ were welcome additions to his set. Anybody who has seen Frank live will agree on the huge amount of passion that he puts into his performances; something that was particularly evident during intense and emotive renditions of both ‘The Ballad Of Me And My Friends’ and ‘I Am Disappeared’, with the crowd matching his passion whilst roaring the lyrics back to him.

Unlike most other shows, Frank’s possess a rare personal touch; from dedicating ‘Tattoos’ to a fan that he met earlier that day and sharing a heart-warming story about his God Daughter, who inspired ‘Song For Eva-Mae’, to the fact that he keeps track of exactly how many shows he’s done (2134!) 

The show came to an almighty end with the high energy trio of ‘Get Better’, ‘Photosynthesis’ and ‘I Still Believe’. Despite his success as one of the most hardworking musicians out there, it’s clear to see that he’s enjoying what he does more than ever and so are the crowd.

You can catch Frank on tour with his band, The Sleeping Souls, across the UK in April and May. Tickets are available now.

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