There are many things you could be doing on the Friday before Halloween, but for 250 people in Nottingham, The Bodega was the place to be to see Clean Cut Kid.

The Liverpudlian four-piece ooze energy and, combined with the band’s uplifting pop songs, the crowd feed off it. Opening with ‘Runaway’, bassist Saul Goodman’s pogoing filters down to the crowd who start bouncing along with him.

It could be argued that the venue is over capacity, but the crowd don’t care, as they dance, sing and clap along with the band. The first real sing along coming with new single, ‘Make Believe’ which is followed two songs later by ‘We Used To Be In Love’ which is a great pop song despite its title suggesting heartbreak. Mike’s guitar solo in ‘Brother Of Mine’ is the songs highlight as he gets lost in the moment, and then comes a loving, tender moment when Mike introduces the next song which is about his wife and fellow band member Evelyn. “Rule number one,” Mike tells the crowd, “Name the song after her”.

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After the song, Mike asks the crowd if any other bands they go to watch chat to them in the same way he does, to which one crowd member compared it to a Bruce Springsteen concert. The band then launch into previous single ‘Pick Me Up’ which does exactly that to crowd.

Whether it’s Mike’s witty rapport or Clean Cut Kid’s soulful pop ballads with heartfelt lyrics, the gig seems to end all too quickly, the band ending with new song ‘Felt’ and the jovial ‘Vitamin C’ which feels just like you’re drinking a glass of the stuff.

That will do for now. They won’t need to worry about venues being overcapacity on their next tour, as they’ll be playing bigger and better venues. And you can’t deny them that.


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