Fever 333 – Strength in numb333rs – O2 Kentish Town, London (07/11/19)

If you’re looking for acceptance, support and understanding then Fever 333 is a band for you. Three lads from US are taking Europe by storm, unapologetically stealing hearts of their listeners. Time slot from the venue’s opening right before Fever 333 came out on stage was not taken by any opening acts. Instead it was dedicated to everyone who attended the gig, to communication, for people to talk to each other and to enjoy the fact that we’re alive. The stage was covered by white curtain. At 9pm it fell down with three non-stop engines of Fever 333 running out on stage and right from the beginning giving every bit of adrenaline in them to the audience. The gig felt like a training class in the gym with no chance to slack off. Fever 333 has to be one of the most spiritually uplifting bands thanks to genuine interest and care they show to their fans and listeners.

The photo pit was unusually crowded not making security’s job any easier in already sold out venue that was packed to the brim venue, not to mention uncontrollable band. Throughout the whole show Jason Aalon Butler, Fever 333 front man (who’s ironically 33 right now), was taking small pauses in order to spread a positive message of various positive themes. For instance, after the meaningful and deep monologue about how women must be respected, one of the hottest new bands Nova Twins appeared on stage to collaborate with 333 to play a song together. The combined power of two bands created a charismatic performance to say the least.

The life of those who attend Fever 333 gig definitely changes to “before and after”. If you want to bring a positive message of acceptance to your life or the lives of your kids’, you must buy a ticket or two to Fever 333 concert. Get them before they sell out. The band will continue their European tour until 28th of November. We definitely recommend you to witness how great they are with your own eyes.

Photo credit: Alina Salihbekova