Feeder - 02 Ritz, Manchester (3rd October 2016)

Feeder – 02 Ritz, Manchester (3rd October 2016)

After a four year hiatus, Feeder are currently storming it on an extensive fifteen date UK tour to promote ‘All Bright Electric’, the follow up  to their 2012 released album ‘Generation Freakshow’.

The duo of singer/guitarist Grant Nicholas and bassist Taka Hirose have confirmed that not only is it worth the wait, but also that their band dynamic is still as bright and electric as ever whilst premiering material old and new at the Manchester Ritz on October 3rd 2016.

It may have been a Monday night, but it certainly didn’t feel like one as the the band were greeted with the same rapturous applause that you’d expect to hear from a weekend crowd. Kicking off with ‘Another Day On Earth’, a low tempo track from their eagerly anticipated new album started the crowd off slowly, though they were rearing to go once hit with the fuzzy guitar intro of ‘Universe Of Life’, the new albums leading single that has a heavier feel to it than its predecessors.

Are there any renegades in here?‘ Nicholas asked before playing ‘Renegades’ from their seventh studio album of the same name, pumping the crowd up before they welcomed the mass sing-along that the band delivered next with a triple whammy of hits; ‘Feeling A Moment’, ‘Pushing The Senses’ and ‘Lose And Found’. Some bands grow tiresome of playing their big hits but the smile plastered across Grant Nicholas’ face throughout ‘Feeling A Moment’ confirmed that Feeder most certainly aren’t one of those bands.

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Things slowed down mid-set, though by no means did they dip as the band delivered their latest single ‘Eskimo’ and another new track titled ‘Paperweight’, followed by a phenomenally beautiful rendition of ‘Tender’, before speeding up once again for ‘Come Back Around’. There wasn’t a single track on the set list that didn’t receive a positive reaction, with ‘Geezer’ and ‘Infared-Ultraviolet’ notably the most well received out of the bands new material.

During the encore Nicholas asked the crowd if they wanted ‘some old school Feeder’, playing 90’s track ‘Sweet Sixteen’ which appeared as a B Side to ‘High’ and on their ‘Swim’ EP, in response to the roaring cheers that he received – I’m confident that the band could have played any of their early tracks and received  an excellent reaction from a crowd that were evidently delighted to have one of their favourite bands back after their four year hiatus.

Finishing triumphantly on ‘Just A Day’ which had the place bouncing in the same manner as ‘Buck Rogers’ did prior to the encore, it was refreshing to see a band with a career as long as Feeder’s performing such a strong set list of both anthems and new tracks. A four year hiatus would be understandably hard to bounce back from for a lot of bands, but not Feeder, they’ll always come back around.

Feeder - 02 Ritz, Manchester (3rd October 2016)