Fall Out Boy - Manchester Eventim Arena (9th October 2015) - LIVE REVIEW
Fall Out Boy - Manchester Eventim Arena (9th October 2015) - LIVE REVIEW

Fall Out Boy – Manchester Eventim Arena (9th October 2015) – LIVE REVIEW

This Fall Out Boy article was written by Lorna Gray, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Josh Hummerston

For many, Fall Out Boy’s American Beauty / American Psycho tour is a nostalgic affair with songs that may have been left and forgotten with the emo fringes, studded belts and slip-on checkered Vans of a multitude of 20-somethings. However, the Manchester Eventim arena was filled was surprisingly awash with crowds of both young and old fans that had come to witness the band make a comeback in the UK.

A somewhat unexpected support comes from Hackney rapper Professor Green, who had no trouble getting his audience energized and pumped as he began his set by running through hits such as Need You Tonight, and Just Be Good to Green and the familiar hits proved popular with a hyped crowd who sang and shouted the lyrics back to the London rapper. Vocalist Katie Holmes-Smith hits every note perfectly and their finale of the well known hit Read All About It not only had the entire arena singing along but at Green’s request, lighters and phones were held up creating a sea of twinkling lights creating the Eventims very own artificial starry sky. Despite initial reservations about his supporting slot, the genre clash of rap before rock seemed to do the trick and the cheers of the crowd for Professor Green’s mainstream hits prove that so long as it’s good, it’ll do the job in getting gig-goers stoked for the main event.

This duly brings us to the moment that all the diehards had been anticipating for three antagonizing hours. As the lights dim, a screen covering the entire stage shows black and white moving pictures of protests and flashes of the bands’ logo, before lifting and revealing the pop punk quartet who are greeted by screams and squeals as they delve into their first song of an hour and a half set Sugar We’re Going Down. With it being one of the bands’ more popular songs, this obviously generated a surge of energy throughout the entire arena – at points, the crowd could be heard shouting the lyrics over front man Patrick Stump. The pyrotechnics that were employed were impressive but hardly necessary for any additional wow factor ,as the band seemed to deliver exactly what the crowd had expected – judging by the sheer volume of the shrieks. Without so much as a pause for gratitude towards their adoring audience, the band leap straight into new single Irresistible, followed by another new album track, Phoenix – once again accompanied by fireworks and fire to give an already faultless few songs an extra bit of something special. As the camera scans over the crowd a girl at the front can be seen holding up a sign which reads, “This band saved my life” to which Pete Wentz – who is an advocate for teen suicide prevention – acknowledges and says, “That means a lot, but you saved your own life.” a lovely sentiment which allows fans to feel intimate at the biggest of arena shows.

After flawless renditions of hits such as Thriller, Alone Together and finally a huge performance of This Ain’t a Scene It’s an Arms Race, the screen comes down again and the lights dim, leaving the audience in anticipation once again for what may happen next. As the lights brighten the huge space once again, they reveal three members of the band sat on a stage in the middle of the audience with acoustic guitars. Slowed-down, intimate and soft renditions of Immortals and Young Volcanoes once again have a huge crowd singing along and lighters and phones reappear recreating the starry-sky illusion that amazed the audience during the support.

After an incredible drum solo from Andy Hurley – which took place presumably took place in order to allow the rest of the band to get back to the main stage – the band continue their set with more well known pop punk anthems such as Dance, Dance, Thnks For the Mmrs as well as new tracks such as Uma Therman and Centuries before leaving the stage ensuing a rowdy crowd begging for more. And everyone knows how these arena shows work, of course the quartet came back onto the stage for an encore, performing Light ‘Em Up and Saurday perfectly and once again the special effects make a return for the grandest of finales.

Fall Out Boy - Manchester Eventim Arena (9th October 2015) - LIVE REVIEW