The Mighty Mocambos – 229 Venue, London (21st April 2016) – LIVE REVIEW

When it comes to live music, you really can’t go wrong with funk. With its blazing horns and smouldering bass-lines there are really few other genres that get people moving like it. Thankfully, The Mighty Mocambos are about as funky as you can possibly get; without traveling back in time to the taping of an episode of Soul Train. With an extensive discography and variable smorgasbord of collaborations with singers and rappers, including Afrika Bambaataa in their tracks ‘Zulu Walk’ and ‘Its Music’, their music is always fresh and varied.

The venue of choice for the German-funksters was 229 Venue in Regents Park, London. This basement spot has an almost slap-up quality too it, with very little in the way of decoration. It’s the kind of place that you would maybe expect to see someone playing darts in the corner, and felt friendly and pub-like. Upon entry the clientele could be glimpsed in dark corners, lounging on sofas and nodding along to the grooves of Crowd Company, who warmed up the room with their own brand of female-lead funk. If you go to a lot of live music one of the most fun elements, aside from the music itself and people watching, is observing a huge, energetic band cram onto a tiny stage. Crowd Company completely filled every in every part of it, and gave the room an almost village hall like quality from the get-go.

The band was grooving, but everyone seemed to be politely saving his or her energy for the main act. As low-key as the atmosphere was, it never felt dead; the crowd was clearly made up of the weekend warriors who had braved the rain in their suits and heels with the soul purpose of getting down.

Sure enough, the crowd began to migrate slowly forward as the seven-piece Mocambos made their way to the stage, dressed in white shirts and ku-fu shorts (for complete comfort). They had the look of a wedding band, all matching and two-stepping in sync. Their brass was bright, their bass-line was wobbly and their guitar pedal blasted their extremely danceable music into the realms of the psychedelic.

Over the course of their set The Mighty Mocambos played a huge variation of songs, including their brilliant, steel pan cover of 50 Cent’s ‘P.I.M.P’. Another highlight was ‘Zulu Walk’, which got the whole crowd jumping and moving in perfect sync. The group were  joined on stage by soul singer Nichola Richards who added an extra dimension to their already tight and energetic instrumental set with their song ‘In The Dark’.

There was a hula-hoop dance circle, there was a 50 Cent Cover and plenty of funk to go round. Could one really ask for more in a live set? To top it all off, after the Mocambos left the stage, DJ Perry Louis spun a few classics, sending the funked up crowd safely into the night.

This Mighty Mocambos article was written by Zoe Anderson, a GIGsoup contributor