Loyle Carner- Rough Trade, London (20th Jan 2017)

Loyle Carner – Rough Trade, London (20th Jan 2017)

“I get a bit sentimental and blue when I write lyrics” Carner gushed as he twitched around the stage on the eve of his debut album launch. His new LP ‘Yesterday’s Gone’ has just hit the shelves, and is proving to be just as moving and poignant as his freshman EP ‘A Little Late’, which saw the 21 year old rapper wearing his heart squarely on his sleeve.

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His short, but sweet set at London’s iconic Rough Trade record store gave an audience of fans a flavour of his true talent as a live artist. Joined by long-time friend and production wizard Rebel Kleff, Carner bounded around the stage and reeled off plenty of new material, as well as some of his much loved back catalogue.

His new content certainly did not disappoint either, and its great to see that Carner is staying true to both his lyrical content and his sound. Particular highlights included ‘Damsel Fly’ featuring Carner’ school friend Tom Misch (“Tom is way to busy to come and hang out with us” Carner admitted) and ‘Ain’t Nothing Changed’ which is about as close to a diss track as the rapper and poet will ever likely get.

In fact, its certainly true that “aint nothing changed”; Carner’s production has remained squarely in the realms of cleverly sampled jazz and funk loops, which cradle his distinct tones and flows beautifully. ‘Yesterday’s Gone’ presents Loyle Carner 2.0; a more fleshed out artist, who is perhaps coming to terms with his sound much much more. His show felt intimate and personal; a fitting setting for an artist who pours so much of his own heart and life into his lyrics.

Wherever he is, whether its on the main stage of British Summer Time Festival or a tiny stage in a record store in east London, Loyle Carner remains a man of the people, with a ever growing fan base that is recognising his talent as a wordsmith more and more.

You can catch Loyle in his UK tour which starts on the 4th of February in Oxford.Loyle Carner 'Yesterday's Gone'