Lower Than Atlantis

Lower Than Atlantis – Manchester Academy (11th March 2017)

Much was made about the musical shift that Lower Than Atlantis made with their self titled album release back in 2014, sporting more of an anthemic arena rock vibe it was a progression that saw their appeal grow to a wider audience and it was with this successful foundation that new album, Safe In Sound was built upon.

The album has a certain swagger about it as a mesh of pop and rock songs befitting of big spaces that gave the band their highest chart position after it cracked the top 10 and it was no surprise that the subsequent headlining tour of the UK would be their biggest ever.

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The band open the set at full throttle with the explosively energetic ‘Had Enough’ as the band reel off the sugary pop rock anthems at will with songs such as ‘Dumb’, ‘Emily’ and ‘Ain’t No Friend’.

By his own admittance, lead singer, Mike Duce’s voice wasn’t at its peak but the crowd had no problem lending a helping hand as they fire the lyrics back towards the stage with conviction and emotion as big chorus and head banging tempo songs such as ‘Could Be Worse’, ‘Stays The Same’ and ‘Get Over It’, showing that the new songs can stand shoulder to shoulder with their previous hits and evoke the same kind of energy to keep a room full of people bouncing.

There are moments where the band delve deeper into their back catalogue with heavy hitter ‘Beech Like A Tree’ which saw everyone sit down before springing back up at the start of the song, a real shot of adrenaline for any show. The band fleet back to the present with one of the more heavier hitters from the new album ‘Work For It’ which accompanying rally cry for a chorus has everyone screaming their vocal chords into oblivion.

‘Words Don’t Come So Easily’ is a heart on sleeve kind of song that has made this band so popular in the first place, managing to write about the everyday triumph as well as the everyday pitfalls. Finishing off the set is one of the singles from the new album ‘Boomerang’ shows off the bands pop tendencies while skirting the line of alt rock anthem that is easy on the ears and a high note to finish on.

As the band depart the stage, the chants for an encore begin in earnest and the lads get back on stage all too happy to oblige playing three songs that started with ‘Another Sad Song’ which as the title suggests has a slower tempo but still moments of screeching guitar and booming drum beat, then the audience is hit with a double whammy of pop rock loveliness ‘English Kids In America’ and ‘Here We Go’ will surely be set list staples for years to come as it sounds the crowd home happy.

Lower Than Atlantis are a band that aren’t scared to voice their ambition as they continue to progress and appeal to wider audiences, their latest release show they’re happy to experiment with their sound and continue to push for anthemic arena rock vibes but what makes the band so likeable is their ability to write songs that are relatable to the everyday life, as long as they strike the balance correctly while continuing to push for progression, there’s really no reason why they can’t reach up and grab the brass ring.

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