Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - Gorilla, Manchester (2nd Nov 2016)

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – Gorilla, Manchester (2nd Nov 2016)

A band that is arguably still in its infancy stage, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes are building a ridiculous amount of momentum and are turning heads left, right and centre in the music world. The band formed around two years ago and have released just one album of music so far and bizarrely, here we are at a gig in Manchester, which is packed wall to wall with fans that were so desperate to see this band live that the gig sold out within a day of being on sale. This is a testament to the influence the band have and the established reputation they have gained in such a short period of time, it can only get bigger as the tour is in aide of promoting the band’s sophomore LP release “Modern Ruin” which will be unleashed upon the world on 27 January 2017 through the bands label International Death Cult via Kobalt Label Services, if it has the same success or more than their debut release Blossom there’s no saying how far their success will take them.

There’s a real calm before the storm feeling amongst the crowd as people anxiously await the arrival of the band and as soon as the heavy drums and snarling first few guitar notes of “Trouble” are blasted through the amps, the frenzy begins as Carter descends upon the stage sporting an eye catching Gucci suit and dodging fans as they appear on stage before swiftly disappearing into a sea of bodies, chaos has arrived. The foot isn’t taken off the pedal as the band jumps into “Fangs” with the crowd screaming the lyrics “If You’ve Got Fangs/Then Sink ‘Em In!” as body parts are seen flying across the stage to a song that showed Carter wasn’t ready to give up on punk rock just yet.

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The room really erupts as Carter stands on top of the crowd which is a sight to behold on its own but to do it as he belts out the straight up, balls to the wall anthem “Juggernaut” is most impressive. Just before giving the crowd a chance to listen to the new music the band have in store for them, Carter becomes the architect of a huge circle pit as he sings a song a dedicated to his daughter, “Lullaby” shows the band flexing their musical muscles and showing their ability to change direction slightly whilst having that signature rattlesnake stamp.

We come to a much more tender moment as Carter dedicates the next song to “anybody who has lost someone in their lives” and following on from that he asks that the crowd take a seat, as Dean Richardson’s gentle picking matches perfectly with Carter’s harrowing vocals for the band’s closest thing to a ballad “Beautiful Death”. An incredible sign of affection from the crowd as well as a mutual respect from band to audience, a show of solidarity and one you’re unlikely to see at any other show.

Another new song is on the offering which Carter nicknames the “stage dive song” seen as though no one will know the words to it yet (as well as making it a rule that only the females in the room could stage dive), “Modern Ruin” a title which is as much a juxtaposition as a punk rocker wearing a Gucci suit on stage is all about the end of the world, how it would be an individual experience but ultimately ending up with the same result for everyone.

Without letting Carter have all the fun Richardson decides to take a closer look at the crowd as he walks on top of them while expertly playing every note in “Paradise” as Carter curses and spits each lyric from a song filled with hate for all the bad things in the world. One of the stand out songs from “Blossom” was the punk fury filled “Devil Inside of Me” which Carter proudly proclaims is “A song for the fucked up things in my mind and yours, this song is for you, Manchester!” as the crowd lose their mind and bounce up and down, only stopping to crouch down at Carter’s request before throwing themselves into a frenzy for the rest of the song.

Ending the gig on a positive note, the last song “I Hate You” which sounds a lot more tongue in cheek as Carter conducts the crowd to sing alone as if they were the most punk rock orchestra in the world and the big crescendo is Carter crowd surfing from the stage to the top of the fire exit, taking one last look at his people and thanking them and disappearing off into the night.

A lot is said about Frank Carter, the front man but tonight’s gig showed that he is backed by the confidence and talent of the rattlesnakes behind him as the guitars, drums and bass all gelled together as one and gave Carter the perfect platform to show his abilities as the driving force of the band. The influence on people is plain to see as the crowd were just as relentless as the band, giving all their energy for a band they truly believe in. The future looks very bright as their second album draws ever closer, combining their live performance with their musical talent, you can’t help but feel that this is going to be something special and as cliché as it is to say, the sky is the limit.

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