Dave Hause and The Mermaid - Gorilla, Manchester (14th March 2017)

Dave Hause and The Mermaid – Gorilla, Manchester (14th March 2017)

Philadelphia native, Dave Hause has made a name for himself as a man who’s talent lies in the purity of his songwriting as he’s able to craft the most poetic way to tell a story through song which gives him a unique appeal that other punk troubadours can’t match.

It’s been some time since he has released new music out in to the world but ‘Bury Me In Philly’ was worth the wait as it sees Dave release a more complete sounding record that manages to fuse elements of punk and americana together to guide the listener through well crafted stories about the trials and tribulations of life.

With new music comes a new tour and although mid week gigs have the possibility of having a more lethargic atmosphere, this is dispelled straight away as Dave arrives on stage to chorus of cheers and a sea of elated faces.

Starting the set off with pace and energy, Dave and backing band The Mermaid reacquaint the audience with old favourites such as ‘Damascus’, ‘Autism Vaccine Blues’ and ‘The Great Depression’ while introducing americana drenched new songs ‘The Flinch’ and the highly driven ‘With You’ that fit seamlessly as the lyrics flit between defiance and lost love, a true testament to the heart on the sleeve style of song writing the fans have come to expect.

It’s during the country tinged song ‘The Mermaid’ that it becomes apparent just how good it is to see Dave front a full band again and that his supporting cast The Mermaid are a perfect compliment to his high octane level of live performance.

After a trip down memory lane with ‘Same Disease’ and a huge sing a long with ‘Time Will Tell’, Dave’s show of appreciation to the crowd is blatant for all to see as he talks of times gone by when he was opening for the likes of The Gaslight Anthem years ago in the UK and his wide smile suggests he’s so glad to be back.

The band depart the stage to give Hause a moment of solice as he picks up his acoustic guitar to sing the solemn ‘Bricks’ before returning for the delightfully tongue in cheek song ‘Dirty Fucker’ which provided a comical moment as Dave dedicated the track to the current US president, this prompted a fan to call the president a “bellend” a word was hilariously lost in translation, clearly the UK are on a whole different level of swearing than their colonial cousins.

Ending the first half of the set with the rousing ‘We Could Be Kings’ the band leave the stage to take a breather before returning to gift the crowd three more songs in ‘The Ride’, ‘Prague’ and all around fan favourite ‘C’mon Kid’.

It’s easy to see why people gravitate towards Dave Hause as his lyrics provide a realism with the hint of escape, a reality check with a twinge of hope and he is truly a master of his craft at songwriting. Couple that with his energetic and honest live performance and that gives you the makings of a cult hero that will leave an indelible mark on anyone willing to listen.

Bury Me In Philly is now available through Rise Records.

Dave Hause and The Mermaid - Gorilla, Manchester (14th March 2017)