Amber Run – Manchester Academy 2, (23rd Feb 2017)

Amber Run have been away from the touring circuit for around 14 months after spending time away to complete their latest LP, For A Moment, I Was Lost a record which continues to showcase the band’s unique cinematic pop sounds with slightly darker in tone lyrics.

An album which exposes the bands fraught relationship between their passion for making music and the music industry in general, if creating this album didn’t relight their fire then touring in front of a live audience of people, hanging on their every word should do it and by the looks of things, the desire to create music and moments is there for all to see.

As people begin to file their way in to the venue, their looks of chilly bones and windswept hair comes from a battering from storm Doris who cares not for music revellers, as soon as the show begins those feelings of cold are gone instantly as the warm glow of ‘Spark’ has everyone embracing as they dance and scream –  “Let the light in, let the light in!” a perfect way to start the show.

The band duck and dive into their back catalogue as they introduce the audience to their latest offerings with ‘Insomniac’, ‘Stranger’ and ‘Fickle Game’ the latter of which was given a great response from the crowd as they knew it word for word as if they’d heard it a thousand times already.

The appreciation the band have for this crowd coming out to see them play live is subtle at first, with a knowing nod here and a wave there but then it becomes more apparent as lead singer, Joe Keogh talks about how in just three years the band have gone from playing in front of 9 people at a charming but modestly sized venue, Gullivers to be here tonight to play in front of 900. A relatively short period to step up to such a respectable size but it just reinforces the fact that this band has something special to be shared on a large scale.

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It becomes a continuous sharing of energy as the band play fan favourites such as ‘Just My Soul Responding’ and ‘Noah’ which have large scale choruses that you just want to scream out loud, while there are solemn moments with songs such as ‘Dark Bloom’ which is based around the band’s struggle with their love of music and the music industry after releasing their first album, still not to leave the mood too low for too long ‘Good Morning’ serves as a reminder of optimism.

They finished off their main set with ‘Heaven’ as the crowd were at their peak as they danced around gleefully as the band dance around the stage, exuding every last bit of energy they have. When the band are beckoned back by chants of “One more song!” from the crowd they play the high tempo and ethereal track ‘Haze’ as the crowd stand with quiet appreciation, standout single from their first album ‘I Found’ gets everybody up again before finishing the night off with newbie ‘No Answers’ crashing around the stage before taking their final bow.

It’s always sad to hear that a band with such potential isn’t loving what they do and with their latest LP addressing that, you’d hope that they will have their passion for making music in the long run as they possess all the tools necessary to take themselves to a level they might not believe is possible. Amber Run will be a name the world will hear a lot more of in the coming years so it’s better to get on board now or fear being left by the wayside.

Amber Run 'For A Moment, I was Lost'