Mumford and Sons - Capital FM Arena Nottingham (28th November 2015) - LIVE REVIEW
Mumford and Sons - Capital FM Arena Nottingham (28th November 2015) - LIVE REVIEW

Mumford and Sons – Capital FM Arena Nottingham (28th November 2015) – LIVE REVIEW

This Mumford and Sons article was written by Hannah Mitchell, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Evie Myers.

It’s been a while since Mumford & Sons last performed in Nottingham, three years ago to be precise and the opening night of their 13-stop UK tour was certainly not a let down!

Energetically altering between old classics like Lover of the Light, Little Lion Man and The Cave to their new releases, Tompkins Square Park, Believe and Snake Eyes. All their songs, old and new, were greeted with the same level of enthusiasm throughout the packed venue.

They gave us a bit of everything. From lively, toe tapping classics, to brisk guitar strumming to more gentle songs like Monster where the crowd swayed from side to side waving their phone torchlights. Every member of the band was immersed fully in their music and the sounds that their array of instruments produced were truly breath taking. The optimistic atmosphere resonated in the band’s amusing facial expressions. The alternation between the faultless harmonies to the instrumentals, which included violins, piano, brass, double bass and even a tambourine made it a pleasurable experience.

Marcus even braved walking through the crowd at one point, which he might have regretted after returning with his shirt undone, but his voice didn’t falter! It’s definitely fair to say that he is a crowd pleaser; he even gave a chap on the front row one of his beers.

A notable point was the duet between Mumford and Sons and their support act Jack Garratt, who is a talent in his own right. Their version of The Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams was a half time surprise for the audience with Marcus saying, “I do like that Jack Garratt fellow”.

The evening was full of highlights: from Marcus Mumford’s humorous interludes to the stripped back and raw acoustic versions of Cold Arms and Timshel, which were a real treat for die-hard fans. The whole band crowded round a single microphone on the small stage in the centre of the arena and as the Nottingham crowd struggled to stay quiet. Marcus joked, “Nottingham is rowdy on a Saturday night”. However, with the melodic harmonies and dimly lit room the atmosphere was on tenterhooks.

After they returned to the main stage, they finished the two hour long set with two more tracks Hot Gates and The Wolf. It was a great choice to end on a high with a contrast from a slow to lively track off their new album. The crowd didn’t even jeer for an encore at the end, the whole set seemed to fulfil everyone’s wishes and no one needed any more. Either that or everyone had done enough jumping up and down for one night, as the evening was what can only be described as ‘bouncy’.

Overall, Mumford and Sons were humble, energetic and it was a pleasure to watch their talent. The boys were bouncing off the crowd’s excitement and vice versa, and no doubt there were a few sore throats the next day.

Mumford and Sons - Capital FM Arena Nottingham (28th November 2015) - LIVE REVIEW