THUMPERS – The Victoria, London (25th November 2015) – LIVE REVIEW

This Thumpers article was written by Max Clemens, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Natalie Whitehouse.

Despite having only debuted last year to critical success, THUMPERS stopped in London to showcase a short selection of the old and new in preparation for their next as-yet-untitled album. Joined by emerging artist Roch (think Daughter or SOAK), they were supported with a guitar-driven, emotion-evoking and atmospheric performance, with Roch showcasing a few songs outlining how she herself is a new artist to watch.

This took no attention away from THUMPERS however. As they burst on stage with an energetic performance of new track ‘Bray,’ it was instantly noticeable that only the two band members of THUMPERS were present – rather than the usual extra line-up for live performances. The band took the opportunity to explain their new experimentation with drum kits and keeping the show as minimal and intimate as possible. With lead singer Marcus Pepperell handling guitar, drum kits and three sets of microphones preset to different effects, there was a lot on his hands to master yet he managed effortlessly, keeping a casual sense about him.

Bandmate John Hamson, Jr. remained on drums and backing vocals, spurring the majority of conversation between tracks with the crowd – acting on jokes between the fans and recognising those who had been following them from show-to-show; the band ignited a close and personal energy throughout the sold-out show.

Breezing through light-hearted ‘Boundary Loves’ and clap-along anthem ‘Dancing’s Done’, energy was kept high despite debuting previously-unheard tracks. The new set-up to their live shows also introduced a different approach to 2014’s ‘Galore’ album tracks too, with a reliance on their drumkits providing looped samples of vocals and electronic backups. Matching these with their live performance on-stage provided a mesmerizing insight into the constant work behind pulling off a live show to be proud of.

Before leaving the stage to promises of in-the-works new music “sooner rather than later”, THUMPERS performed potentially their biggest known track ‘Unkinder (A Tougher Love)’ to a unanimous roar of crowd reaction chanting along. Though only a short set, the show provided an insight of more to come from their constant hard work – and how their ever-growing fan-base is patiently waiting.

 THUMPERS - band image