A band returning to their hometown to play a show will always be a particularly noteworthy event. No matter the size of the band, the impact a hometown show will have on their mindset and career will be positive. Of course, the show itself will be a chance for the band to present themselves and their art to their nearest and dearest. When this melds with the potential of talent, then things can go a bit awry.

With Lake Komo the performance was at the negative end of the scale, it broached on showboating and became mildly unprofessional. This isn’t to reduce the talent that they all clearly have to a mere method of proving their own brilliance, quite the contrary actually. There is no doubt that these four individuals have talent, they have it in spades, but they need to be careful to not let a hometown show break the professionalism it takes to enjoy a long and fruitful career.

The show itself had the ability to be something better, a stronger statement to what the band could offer. Each member seemingly had their own prerogative within the crowd in the form of friends and family and appeared to not consistently gel as one fully, just missing out on what makes a live experience so great, and that is the band as a unit.

In terms of the musical content the songs are strong, but in the same way a One Direction record is considered a masterpiece because it will undoubtedly sell out. Some things are just meant to be pleasing and nothing more. Don’t let this take away from listening to the band itself, they blend 80’s electronic with 00’s alt rock, a sound which probably shouldn’t work but definitely does.

Lake Komo are on the right road, the building blocks are all there. They just need to make sure they remember to keep the aspect of being a touring band at the forefront of future ventures; no matter your audience, you’re there to entertain everybody.

This Lake Komo article was written by Steve Loftin, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Fraisia Dunn.

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