Feeder & Reigning Days – Portsmouth Pyramids (13th Oct 2016)

Supporting a hugely successful band like Feeder is a huge achievement, and one that fellow British band Reigning Days can already add to their list. The Devonshire trio, formerly known as These Reigning Days, have had an incredible year and they don’t seem to be slowing down. Tonight they play the Portsmouth Pyramid centre. 

With their change of name comes a change of musical style. The music from These Reigning Days seemed a lot more similar to the indie rock sound – a little lighter and more upbeat. However, the new (and improved) Reigning Days that we now hear, produces a lot heavier and heartier music with a more defined hard rock focus. Kicking off with the lead single from their self-titled EP, ‘Friendly Fires’, the big electric rock sounds of the band from Torquay and Teignmouth resonated through the room.

If you’d not heard of Reigning Days before, it was a good choice of song to grab your attention. With a slow beginning, the build ups throughout the song keep your interest with the addition of the choruses which are loud, heavy and downright catchy. This was followed by a few songs that weren’t so familiar but still just as good. The audience could have been more enthusiastic but then again, it was early, and the majority were there for the main act. However, they carried on with a great performance. ‘Empire’ was next up; an explosion of stadium rock. Finally, after a few more not-so-familiar songs including ‘Gravity’ and ‘Do You Feel’, The band ended their show with a track perfect for rounding off their set. ‘Renegade’ is a song that would suit Wembley Arena, let alone a small(ish) gig in Portsmouth. A powerful rock anthem to get everyone on their feet and ready for Feeder.

After a short break, Feeder arrived onto the stage and the crowd became alive. Starting off the show nicely was their great performance of ‘Home’ followed by ‘Insomnia’, ‘Sentimental’ and ‘This Town’ before really getting everyone going with the beautiful ‘Feeling a Moment’. Everywhere you looked, people were singing the lyrics at the stage, and the crowd appeared like a wave of hands. Following this they upped the tempo with ‘Renegades’; a rather heavier song than ‘Feeling a Moment’ and with this people started to move a little more. The lads from Newport, Wales, have been going long enough now (since 1994) to have a great plethora of songs to choose from for their tours, which must be why they can always put on a great show as they have something for everyone.

It’s also amazing to realise if you’re not a die-hard fan of the band, how many songs you actually know. A little later came another well known Feeder anthem, ‘Just The Way I’m Feeling’. Another opportunity for everyone to show off their singing voices, and again with ‘Buck Rogers’ which followed – a song to really get everyone up on their feet. Frontman Grant Nicholas has a good ability to connect with the crowd, and it’s understandable why; he seems like a genuinely nice guy.  He leads us on to the next few songs including ‘Seven Days in the Sun’ and ‘Lost & Found’ before they disappear off stage for the usual pre-encore gap. Once returning after many chants of “we want more!” and “FEEDER! FEEDER! FEEDER!”, the band return for a 4-song encore that beautifully rounds off a great night in Portsmouth (not necessarily something you hear often…) They kick off again with a song with a more melancholy feel, ‘Yesterday Went Too Soon’. A great choice. This followed with ‘Borders’ and of course, a song that couldn’t be missed, ‘Just a Day’. Cue crowd going wild. If this wasn’t enough for a great end to a show, their finale was a cover of ‘Breed’ by Nirvana.

Overall it was a great night of British rock. The mix of styles of Reigning Days and Feeder complimented each other greatly. It’s great to have Feeder back on the scene after some time away; they’re a true example of iconic British music. When you’ve had that many songs used as music for adverts you’re obviously doing something right that appeals to a hell of a lot of people. Joking aside, there was a great atmosphere and a feeling of great appreciation by the fans of both bands and they must feel honoured to have such great support.