Chasing Dragons - The Key Club, Leeds (18th March 2017)

Chasing Dragons – The Key Club, Leeds (18th March 2017)

Every stealthy hunter needs the perfect lair in which to lure their prey, and for the metallic rockers in Chasing Dragons, the underground caverns of The Key Club seemed idyllic to say the least. Like the ill-fated siren song, Leeds’ very own hard rock quartet have enticed us wholeheartedly with their powerful, gutsy riffs and incredible vocals. But instead of succumbing to an untimely demise, we are invited to join The Hunters as they conquer the world, one epic show at a time. 

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Joining Chasing Dragons on this wonderful venture were local talent The Black Isle, whose overwhelming optimism to be there was staggering. Their ballsy rendition of Sinead O’Connor’s tearjerking classic ‘Nothing Compare 2 U’ was phenomenal, and sung with pure power from vocalist Megan. Following were tour mates in Sister Shotgun with a furiously energetic set, deliciously packed with fresh material from their recently released EP ‘Devour’. 

When headlining act Chasing Dragons emerged they wasted no time in diving straight in with Faction: Prologue classics ‘Devil in Her Eyes‘ and ‘Whitehorse’. The forceful, driving riffs from guitarist Mitch pounded through your bone structure, rendering your heart obsolete in powering the blood through your veins. The sassy and sexy single from their upcoming debut album ‘Bare Knuckle Lover‘ followed with a resounding, positive reaction from their adoring fans. 

Taking a peek into the delicate side of metal, if such a place exists, Chasing Dragons have found this in the closest thing to a ballad in their repertoire: ‘The Last Defence‘. Throughout the entire set, vocalist Tank is nothing short of faultless, but in what could well be a vulnerable place, set against a simple piano, she is nothing short of miraculous and was beautifully complemented by the male backing vocalsTank’s ever carrying notes and enviable voice is so powerful and robust, that it could move mountains or break through walls with one vibration of the vocal chords, if she wished it so. 

The electricity refilled the room almost immediately with the return of the classic and truly metal ‘Spawn of a Succubus‘ and upcoming album track ‘Like Gravity’. After a rusty debut airing of the track, Leeds were treated to a perfect rendition of this exciting new song. We cannot be certain when their latest album or EP will reach our ears, but we will await its arrival with eager anticipation.  

Closing the set with Checkmate classics ‘Broken Jaws’ and ‘Throw Down Your King’, with wonderfully skilled drummer Katie showing us how it’s all done with her relentless, ballsy efforts. You’d be mad if you weren’t belting your heart out or heroically moshing by this point. It’s been far too long since Chasing Dragons graced the Leeds stage but their welcome return to their home ground was met with hardcore enthusiasm: nothing less than they deserved.   

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