Boston Manor - The Louisiana, Bristol (20th Nov 2016)

Boston Manor – The Louisiana, Bristol (20th Nov 2016)

It isn’t easy describing the atmosphere of a room filled solely with sweat and excitement, in the upstairs of a Bristol pub. But it does show that Boston Manor are exceeding expectations during their first headline tour, with the help of South London’s Wallflower and New Jersey’s Can’t Swim.

Voices scattered across the room sing along to Wallflower’s set, and those perhaps not previously familiar with the band seem to be enjoying the performance, their bodies swaying, heads nodding and people more comfortable with dancing a little. It really is clear that they’re making their impact. Playing an impressive set, with new and old songs, they exude a sense of passion for what they do. They have skill in their execution, evoking a good crowd reaction and excitement.

Bringing the US experience to Bristol Can’t Swim followed, bringing an energy to the room that could be felt from head to toe. With their vocals being echoed through many voices in the crowd, it is clear that they had fans in that room. The stage lit up, with the constant motion of the members encouraging the crowd. It’s a surprise that this was their first time in the UK, as they performed with as much confidence and passion as if it were their own headline show somewhere they were familiar with. Can’t Swim graced Bristol with the very best of the US.

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The energy brought forward by both Wallflower and Can’t Swim seeps through the room creating a buzz of excitement. Looking around the room there is an impressive amount of Boston Manor merchandise floating around, creating a sea of enthusiasm, eagerness and clear determination. This show certainly would win the award for one of the sweatiest shows of 2016 from start to finish; Boston Manor gave the audience exactly what they wanted, a flawless show filled with the typical finger-pointing and non-stop engagement.

With the release of their debut album ‘Be Nothing’ in September it is certain that the crowd had been waiting to hear these songs live, in all their glory from the continuous singing along, crowd surfing and mic-snatching that occurred. Each member bounced around the stage with pride in their stance; this is why they were here, to do what they love and to have people love it just as much. It’s clear that not only did they deserve this, but they have worked for this. Their performance was loud, satisfying and appealing, enthusing the crowd. It was clear that Boston Manor is capable of impressing everybody put before them, putting them up there as one of the best live acts at the moment.15109362_993554890770603_6536900915519039755_n