Beach Baby’s celebratory release show for their debut album ‘No Mind No Money’ starts with the Scala crowd cheering, roaring and willing the London four piece on to the stage a good fifteen minutes before their arrival. Once they do however their performance mirrors the Friday night atmosphere present in Scala with dancing, bouncing and moving accompanying every track delivered as Beach Baby rattle through their debut LP in an hour long set.

What is noticeable immediately is not the music but the striking mullet sported by Beach Baby front man Ollie Pash. It’s a strong look that’s not missed by anyone at Scala and towards the end of the set the hairstyle, more likely to be seen in a glam rock band in the 1970’s, is even afforded a round of applause by the crowd at the request of drummer Josh ‘Shep’ Hodgson and co lead singer Lawrence Pumfrey and deservedly so.

The questionable hairstyle aside, Beach Baby’s album is consumed with glee by those in attendance. Early crowd pleasers ‘Sleeperhead’ and ‘UR’ see some early chaos with flailing limbs and spilt beers of the crowd surfers heading towards the stage. The band themselves remain laid back and relaxed in symmetry with their synth driven, lazy, but infectious riffs. Beach Baby’s balance of low baritone vocals with catchy higher melodies works just as well live as it does on record and tonight it is evident Beach Baby have got some excellent tracks and are delivering an assured and measured performance here. 

The first single Beach Baby released in 2015 – ‘Ladybird’, witnesses a great reaction from both the crowd and the band, grinning from ear to ear and really enjoying the fact that they’ve come along way since that release by now delivering their debut album in full. There’s a moment of thanks from the band, stopping the music to appreciate everyone that has helped them make it this far and putting them in this position before firing into the title track of the album – ‘No Mind No Money’ this comes after some of the slower tracks are allowed to be heard such as ‘Smoke Won’t Get Me High’ and ‘How Lucky You Are’ before the barnstorming climax to the show begins. 

Scala is not quite sold out tonight and there are gaps in the crowd but the fact the whole room is moving and shaking more than makes up for this and as Beach Baby enter into the last few tracks of their set, the atmosphere of this celebratory gig reaches its apex. The energy of the beat in the track ‘Powderbaby’ dives and screeches through Scala and the band themselves begin to move and bounce along to this booming track, especially towards the end, a change from their laid back demeanor on show for the majority of the evening. With the success of this the band move effortlessly into an extended intro to their standout single from this year ‘Limousine’. The rapid and repetitive drumbeat in this song incites bedlam in the crowd with every word sung back to Ollie and Lawrence. The song is chaos from start to finish, the band feeding off the palpable energy from the large mosh pit that has formed in the middle of the room and by the end of the track, guitars, mic stands and everything not nailed down is knocked across the stage as the band hurl themselves around at a frenetic pace, shredding the last notes of the song into a huge climax. 

There is time for one last celebration from the band as the feedback fires out. The band, go and retrieve four or five large party cannons and drench the crowd in a torrent of rainbow confetti. This gig has felt like a celebration from start to finish. A party atmosphere on a Friday night, sound tracked with Beach Baby’s distinctive summery sounds. This is an assured performance and everyone in attendance certainly understands that Beach Baby have arrived with this catchy debut album and their live performance of it has really underlined them as a band to watch over the coming months

This Beach Baby article was written by Max Litchfield, a GIGsoup contributor

Beach Baby - Scala, London (9th September 2016) - LIVE REVIEW


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