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After releasing their 4th studio album in January last year, 2017 needed the return of another Bury Tomorrow headline tour – and luckily April provided this for fans over the UK. Bringing their live shows to the biggest venues to date on a tour of their own, this was an unmissable tour, especially as they were joined on the road by 3 both amazing and diverse bands.

First up on the bill were German rockers Any Given Day – who were on their first UK tour. With a hardcore vibe very similar to Five Finger Death Punch, they provided the slowly filling venue with a very heavy warmup for the three bands that followed after. What was unexpected about this set is that a lot of the audience hadn’t heard of the group before, and it could easily be assumed (for those who hadn’t heard the name or material before) that they were a small band from the UK as they were first up on the bill – but actually had quite a few fans religiously singing along throughout the venue, who were ecstatic that the group were visiting the UK  for the first time.

Following the heaviness came Black Peaks, who both for the fans there and the band alike knew that this tour was new territory for them – previously playing within the confines of similar mathy/alternative bands, and smaller tours. However, when faced with a very different metalcore crowd – they didn’t fail to impress. The setlist consisted of the sensible & popular ‘Saviour’ and ‘Glass Built Castles’, and also the less frequently played ‘Crooks’, which was a great surprise for those who’ve been following them for a while in the crowd. They also tested out two new songs, which is quite a risky move to play on such an new crowd, but it seemed to work quite nicely – especially with the closing song ‘Fate Won’t Seal The Heart’, which sounded exceptionally good for a brand new track that is debuted live before the recorded version.

Third taking to the stage came already much-loved Japanese group Crossfaith, who gave Y Plas a treat to both recent tracks from their latest EP ‘New Age Warriors’, and older material – with ‘Jagerbomb’ making a surprise appearance at the end of the setlist. Now, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to argue that Crossfaith were possibly the most accomplished and well received out of all 4 bands with the Cardiff crowd, as the room was suddenly illuminated in a special way which was immense to watch and take part in. Their blend of electronic heaviness, as always, worked so well on energising even those in the audience who had never heard of them, which is really a special talent the Japenese rockers always seem to have. Of course, its all up to personal opinion on which band was ‘best’ in this day and age – but it was entirely undoubtable that Crossfaith’s set was an immediate highlight of the night.

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Though late into the night and the crowd were practically dripping with sweat after the preceding set, Bury Tomorrow took to the stage with masses of energy radiating around the venue. Eating their way through a 15 song set, there seemed to be an almost perfect division of material played from each album – though the latest material was more focused on, which is good as though its been over a year, the ‘Earthbound’ album cycle hasn’t ended. It was nice to see possibly the most material played from their debut release ‘Portraits’ in recent years, with ‘Waxed Wings’, ‘Her Bones In The Sand’ and ‘Cemetery’ getting a very happy reaction from fans.

Though a big venue, frontman Daniel Winter-Bates seemed to know how to cater for all the fans everywhere in the venue – which was a very respectable and noteworthy move. Evidently as a band that have grown through venue sizes slowly (and one that adores their fans), they still know not to leave out any area of the crowd when interacting, both during a song and between – even those spectating at the side of the stage.

The crowd’s energy was admirable – predominantly with front section of the venue giving it their absolute all, whereas the back was home to the pits as it surprisingly had quite a lot of space for movement. Before coming to the show, it was interesting to speculate how well Bury Tomorrow would fill such big venues – but it was entirely easy, and this tour has proven they have deserved this entirely, especially after many years of hard work and determination. If they continue to produce such high-quality material, there is no doubt why their success shouldn’t only continue to increase.


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