Dua Lipa – Manchester O2 Apollo, UK (15th April 2018)

Where can I even begin? Dua Lipa has gone from strength to strength, soared past milestones and broken records, all of this by the age of 22 and it seems that she is far from stopping.

The 2017 ‘Most Streamed Artist’ certainly knows how to put on a memorable show.  She encourages her audiences to have their best time, by being completely unapologetic in all they do.

After a dramatic screen drop, revealing Dua Lipa herself, as well as her four back up dancers and band amongst large electronic cubes set up to exhibit visual projections too. Dua kicks off her performance with ‘Blow Your Mind (Mwah)’ which she did indeed, from the get-go Dua blew everyone’s minds with her incredible vocals and energetic and sassy dancing. The singer managed to get the whole O2 Apollo jumping and dancing along with her.

Dua Lipa successfully manages to flow effortlessly through her songs, despite seemingly disappearing for ‘Lost in Your Light’… Dua seriously where did you go? Or did you genuinely get lost in a light, who knows, but from where we were stood no one was too sure?

Dua Lipa strongly narrates a story through her work about young love lost, the pain that heartbreak can bring, exampled in the hauntingly beautiful track ‘Last Dance’ which for the incredible singer “breaks her heart over and over again”, but flows on nicely to the moving on stage, in the track ‘No Goodbyes’ and the song that got Dua Lipa on the rolling wave to her pop kingdom ‘New Love’ which was originally released back in 2015. The story ends finally on how you sometimes need your friends to keep you on the right path.

A stand out point of the evening was a stripped back version of ‘Thinkin’ of You’, the simplicity of Dua and only a floral piano, provoked such strong emotion, pulled on those heartstrings. Interestingly another highlight would have to be Dua’s track from 50 Shades Freed, ‘High’. The track was incredibly sexual, as you can imagine from a 50 shades film, but in a way that wasn’t too over the top.

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Dua ended the night with two of her biggest songs to date, ‘IDGAF’ with the whole crowd holding their middle fingers to the sky and screaming the words as loud as they can, rolling into the final track ‘New Rules’ which tore the roof off.

The 22-year-old managed to put on a provocative performance full of funky, infectious dance tunes as well as combining songs brimmed with emotion and passion, in a way that didn’t lose its pace the whole way through.


Dua Lipa has an incredible and undeniable skill and strength. She embodies feminism and is a strong female role model in all that she does. Her final show in Manchester is a testament to her talent, and there is no doubt that she is not far off from conquering the world.