Du Blonde - Manchester, The Deaf Institute (12th October 2015) - LIVE REVIEW - photo by Casa de Chrisso
Du Blonde - Manchester, The Deaf Institute (12th October 2015) - LIVE REVIEW - photo by Casa de Chrisso

Du Blonde – The Deaf Institute, Manchester (12th October 2015) – LIVE REVIEW

This Du Blonde article was written by Steven Loftin, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Hazel Webster. Lead photo by Casa de Chrisso

Originally having meant to take place back in June, tonight’s show is a rescheduled date after singer Beth Jeans Houghton aka Du Blonde was taken ill.  Postponing a show is a tough decision for any act to make, but Du Blonde certainly made up for it by bringing everything she had.

The Deaf Institute is a unique venue, with the main music hall being on the top floor of an old ballroom.  The music hall is an elegant room with punk style decor, which could not be more suited to Du Blonde.  Not to mention the enormous disco ball which would make an appearance later on.  The crowd was thin on the ground to begin with but by the time she took to the stage the small 100+ venue was rammed and it was clear that everyone was here for one reason only.

Du Blonde appears first in an over-sized bomber jacket, until the heat kicks in and she strips down to a buttoned up shirt before finally settling on her guitarist’s denim jacket only.  It had all the wardrobe changes of a pop show, but with none of the added shit or lack of talent.

Opening with ‘If Your Legal’ and then into ‘Mr. Hyde’, it’s almost as if she’s presenting us with both sides of her personality.  From the moment they first start to play, her band are relentless in giving these perfectly formed songs the arsenal of attitude they deserve, thus complimenting Blonde’s persona.  Performing nine tracks from her debut as Du Blonde, ‘Welcome Back to Milk’, each one more ferocious than the last, and overwhelmingly positively received by the crowd.  The set list was made to entertain, as opposed to the notion behind track ‘Hard to Please’ which contains the line “take a seat and let me bore you”.  Bored is one thing we most certainly were not.

A standout track, which in itself is hard to choose, is ‘Chips to Go’, a rollicking number that features Blonde with the most attitude and matching screaming vocals.  For the slower numbers, ‘After the Show’ and ‘Isn’t it Wild’, the giant disco ball was brought in, creating the perfect atmosphere for these more tender moments.

Du Blonde also performed two new tracks, ‘Eden’ and ‘Buddy’, and it’s clear that the debut album from the revolutionised Beth Jeans Houghton wasn’t a fluke.  These new tracks have the same virtuosity while bringing with them a new level of craftsmanship.  Hopefully she won’t keep us waiting for them too long.

When watching all of these songs performed live you can see the emotional depth some of them take on, and some of the “give a fuck” attitude that’s deeply embedded in others.  Finishing with a cover of Pixies ‘Where Is My Mind’ for the encore, this just might have been the perfect way to end the show; almost a final salute to the situation that brought her to this stage of her career.  There is no doubt that the future is bright for Du Blonde, with the songs and the live show to boot, it’s only a matter of time before things explode for her.

Du Blonde - Manchester, The Deaf Institute (12th October 2015) - LIVE REVIEW