Domino Kirke – Servant’s Jazz Quaters, London, UK (2nd April 2018)

Last year Domino Kirke released her debut album ‘Beyond Waves’, a simply produced collection of tracks that read more like a book of folk stories than a traditional acoustic album. Despite being fairly under the radar, Kirke has collaborated with some pretty big names in the music world, including Lilly Allen and Mark Ronson and is set to release ‘Beyond Waves’ in officially in the UK this year.

This week, Kirke’s show at the intimate Servant’s Jazz Quarters drew in a polite crowd that packed themselves tightly into the venue’s basement area. Descending into the live performance area after walking through the low-lit bar upstairs gave the impression of being tucked away in a stylish, Manhattan joint.

Kirke’s performance swooned with emotion. Her acoustic set up featured two guitarists who doubled as backing vocals, with her rich vocals taking centre stage. Her short but moving set strayed between the simple folk-style ‘Friend of the Family’ towards the much more wistful country-influenced tracks such as ‘Ok-ed’. Kirke’s strengths lie in her delivery of themes of the familiar that twist and contort with fairytale elements. Tracks like ‘Black Jack’ unfurl stories of ghosts and mysterious men who steal away children in the night, only to snap back to the jarringly familiar scene of having dinner with the family.

Kirke’s vocal flare and acoustic richness found it’s home in the live setting this week. You can listen to ‘Beyond Waves’ on all major streaming platforms now. It’s likely we’ll see more of her on the live circuit after the album’s release this summer.