Deco - Tara Lou

DECO – Soup Kitchen, Manchester, UK (7th June 2017)

Having played in Manchester two weeks ago for Dot to Dot festival, Deco were back in the city this week for their first headline show and will definitely be back for more! The quartet released their new single ‘Chances’ last Friday, a feel-good indie pop track with a catchy bass line, fiery riffs and enticing vocals. An upbeat live performance video fits perfectly with the new song and is sure to spark some interest for new fans.

Opening the evening was Manchester’s Floral Scene, having released their debut single ’25’ only last month these lads are already set to go far. The quartet’s unique sound brings them up to the top of Manchester’s up and coming indie bands. Shoegaze pop filled to the brim with infectious riffs, raw percussion and Joe King’s swirling vocals makes Floral Scene a band to look out for over the coming months. They bring a breath of fresh air into an overcrowded genre, with similarities to the dearly departed Viola Beach as well as Swim Deep and a hint of Jaws. Add their own vibe into the mix and it creates something purely Floral Scene

Having already supporting some brilliant bands such as Champs, Saint Motel, Blooms and Psyblings, Floral Scene are sure to gain an army of fans in no time. Their live set included two released tracks ’25’ and ‘Sand’ as well as a bunch of new tracks, keeping the, albeit small, crowd enticed leading us to imagine how brilliant the atmosphere will be with a larger audience. Hearing the first riff to any one of their tracks gets you instantly hooked, without a doubt the future will be a flowery one.

Next up was another Manchester based band Puppet Theory, with the new single ‘I, The King’ coming on the 1st July we can expect big things from these lads. This track brings about a slight change of direction for the four piece, it’s more rock and guitar led than the tracks on their debut EP ‘Buttons’ released late last year which are more indie-pop based. The new track features addictive melodies, rapid vocals and electric riffs which will get a crowd going in no time.

The live set included the new track and well as the full EP, and after some technical difficulties and the drum kit falling apart (sorted with the innovative idea of shoving an amp in front of the bass drum), the lads performed an awesome half hour showcasing what’s to come in the future. Having supported Corella, Glass Caves, and Bayonet to name a few, Puppet Theory are bound to make their mark on Manchester’s music scene in no time. 

Deco may have only played in Manchester a handful of times but by the time their set began the room had started to fill out. The quartet opened with perhaps one of the biggest hits ‘Apollo’, exquisite synths, beautiful harmonies, brilliant riffs, blended together with Max Kendall’s soaring vocals, makes it a firm fan favourite. Following this was the new single ‘Chances’, as well as ‘Tell Me Lies’, ‘Itiwy’, ‘Turn Around’ and a sneak preview of the upcoming single ‘Run’ set to be released later in the year. 

This being the first of a 3 date mini headline tour, which sees Deco go to London and Nottingham this week is sure to gain them a mass of new fans. The guys have got a brilliant stage presence, with so much energy that’s soaked up by the crowds. They’ve perfectly crafted their own sound over the years, focusing in on the harmonies and riffs makes them ones to watch for 2017. The lads have a huge summer ahead of them filled with festivals such as Y Not for the second time and 110 Above. Deco are in for the ride of their lives and it’s not going to slow down anytime soon!