Manchester facilitated the continuation of Declan McKenna’s debut tour on Wednesday, showcasing his pure talent, and the incredible fan base he has acquired in the two years since his debut single release. It is simply astounding the quality and confidence he portrays at a mere 18 years old!

Declan McKenna with the prospect of his debut album ‘What Do You Think About the Car’ embarked on his debut tour to showcase his new music, and show his capabilities as a headliner and not merely a support act. He teased the overly expectant crowd with an amalgamation of new classics, and the old favourites; creating an ultimate sense of what was going to come next.

Support act GIRLI took a totally different stance to the emotional style Declan McKenna really advocates, showcasing a range of upbeat and energetic songs to really get the crowd riled up. Following a similar path as the likes of Charli XCX and Alunageorge, GIRLI advocates an electronica sound with a quirky attitude, the younger audience respected child rebellion as the predominant themes of GIRLI’s songs.

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With only one support act, it really wasn’t a long wait for the main act of the night; coming out with his full ego on show, confetti and balloons everywhere, his extravagant entrance was greeted with an overly excited Manchester crowd’s sheer delight for what was to come! Kicking off his show with his older, more respected and emotional songs including: Bethlehem and Paracetamol, Declan was almost playing his music in chronological order, starting with the emotional ‘Isombard’. ‘Isombard’, with a catchy riff and repetitive lyrics reflects his well-publicised political view. This led on to what he continually referenced throughout the show, reminding us that the cut-off date for registering to vote is the 22nd of May, which proved his viewpoint that everyone should take the opportunity to cast their vote, whatever that may be.

As the show progressed, Declan McKenna wove a multitude of new stuff into the gig, with the delighted crowd showing their upmost appreciation for ‘Mind’, combining a very catchy beat, layered with heavy bass and superb guitar riffs and to cap it all off a wonderfully diverse vocal range displayed by Declan himself! After this headline UK tour, McKenna and his supporting musicians are surely going to get a tonne of attention for the new album. Not only this, but Declan McKenna has already shown the country his capabilities of releasing top music: his newest release ‘The Kids Don’t Wanna Come home’ reached 16th in the alternative charts, a significant feat for someone so early in their musical career. His career which is really taking off, just finishing a support role on Blossoms recent Europe tour, and all the major British festivals; even the likes of Reading and Leeds and Glastonbury.

The Hertfordshire based singer, followed his new releases on with some of his most popular music: majorly Brazil which again advocates his 16 year olds views on the careless nature of FIFA as a corporation. Advocating what a lot of people believe on football itself, plainly stating ‘I wanna play the beautiful game while in Brazil’ without the general objective, profit driven ideology below the surface of the game. Brazil, despite its pertinent lyrics, it embodies the full sound of Declan McKenna himself, with catchy riffs, and an addictive bassline, makes this a perfect natural finisher for Declan’s headline Manchester show.