Deadmau5 – Ministry of Sound, London, UK (10th November 2018

Deadmau5 and Knife Party came roaring back to life last November after a few years keeping a low profile. Returning to their old stomping ground of Ministry of Sound with Deadmaus’s 720 show. Eager fans certainly were happy to sacrifice otherwise chilled Sunday to see the weekend with a bang.

Reinvention was the theme of the evening, with both showcasing new styles and material. Knife Party played a charectistically high energy set, that much hasn’t changed. Though showing off their new side, played a bassline heavy set. An update on their traditional dubstep sound. The crowd was in good spirits and loving it getting down to every dirty reverberation. This said, as the duo rounded off their set with Bonfire, the long time classic remained by far and away the best received track. As the drop came the crowd was soon jumping and moshing around to dubstep distortions.

Deadmau5 then took to the stage sans iconic mask, opening with his newer dark techno sound. It’s sound that’s far away from his iconic EDM sound which catapulted him to fame. The crowd certainly enjoyed it. That’s not to say when the mask came back on and the classics started rolling the crowd didn’t show their appreciation. He is still Deadmaus after all!