Daughtry is one of the few musicians that proves TV talent show contestants really can stand the test of time with his performance in London on Friday night.

Chris Daughtry and his 5-strong band were back in London on Friday 27th May, for the final night of their UK tour. Support was given by Blackpool’s Strange Bones – raw and loud guitar rock with a serious amount of energy, perhaps a bit much for the Daughtry crowd but fantastic nonetheless.

Entering the stage just after 9pm, Daughtry opened with ‘Go Down’, one of two new songs on their recently released ‘It’s Not Over… The Hits So Far’ record. Chris Daughtry jokes that at first he was reluctant to put out a hits album, saying that he thought it was a sign of the times, and that it was something that bands like Bon Jovi and The Eagles did. Daughtry is one of the few musicians that proves TV talent show contestants really can stand the test of time, securing fourth place back on the 5th series of American Idol in 2006.

Following ‘Go Down’ came ‘Feels Like Tonight’, one of the band’s biggest hits, and it’s this that gets the crowd going. This leads into ‘Waiting For Superman’, a hit off the band’s 2013 album ‘Baptized’. The mood is slowed with a country song written in Germany, ‘Tennessee Line’, and ‘Life Without You’. These are followed by an outstanding cover of ‘In The Air Tonight’ – the band absolutely smash it.

The band follow with ‘What About Now’, before announcing that they are working on a 5th studio album to be released late 2016/early 2017. It will be a rock record, to the delight of the fans. They are unable to play anything from it as they say they frankly don’t know it yet, but continue with one of their most rock-y hits ‘Renegade’ from 2011 album ‘Break The Spell’.

The rest of the set hears more of the most well-loved songs the band have released over the last ten years; ‘Over You’, ‘Long Live Rock & Roll’ ‘Torches’, ‘Home’, and ‘September’. They finish their 1.5 hour set with an awesome, full cover of Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’, showcasing the musical talent of the entire band. Chris’ voice is undeniably powerful and beautifully well-refined, but this cover gave the rest of the band the chance to shine; they did not pass up on this opportunity. An absolute great gig, and hopefully we will see Daughtry back in the UK before long, with a brand new studio album.

‘It’s Not Over… The Hits So Far’ is out now via Sony Music Cmg.

This Daughtry article was written by Liss Boot-Handford, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Natalie Whitehouse.

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