Crystal Fighters – Brixton Academy, London (4th April 2019)

Returning to Brixton, a venue they have laid down their fiesta fervour down in several times before, Crystal Fighters tonight produced a scintillating set.

Sebastian Pringle, the eccentric frontman, adorned in rich white shaggy furs, is the driving force in everything they do.

His synchronisation with the superb voice of backing singer Eleanor Fletcher is like a vacuum, sucking the crowd in. On classic ‘At Home’, this is felt dramatically when Fletcher’s voice sent a venue-wide shiver down the spine.

‘Boomin’ In Your Jeep’, a new song and a different direction for Crystal Fighters, appeals to the pop undercurrent that has flowed through them since day one. The crowd lapped it up for all of its glittery goodness.

Old tunes ‘Champion Sound’ and ‘Follow’ went down as one would imagine: unbelievably.

Crystal Fighters are a band that has forever preached love and good vibes, and tonight they reaped the rewards. This veteran of a London venue was a bowl of interconnectivity, a cauldron of positivity.

‘You and I’ provided the most fitting reflection of this. The story of love within the lyrics and fancy-free nature of its rhythm stood as the snapshot to what felt like a landmark gig.

Crystal Fighters are one of the most fluid and engaging bands you could hope to see, and they have done it for almost a decade.

They are band lauded and beloved, and rightly so.