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The Cribs – The Foundry, Sheffield, UK (20th January 2018)

2017 was a big year for The Cribs; not only did it see them tour their ‘Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever’ album in full to celebrate its tenth anniversary, but it saw the release of their new album, ’24/7 Rock Shit’. Though despite their mass amount of dates throughout the year, including an album launch at Leeds’ Belgrave Music Hall and their ‘Cribsmas’ residency shows, the album hasn’t had the album tour that is deserves, until now. The Wakefield trio have never forgotten their small town roots and their24/7 Rock Star Shit’ tour includes dates at towns that aren’t notorious for their gigging scene.

We caught their gig at the Foundry in Sheffield last Saturday night, where they roared through a set list of tracks that covered all areas of their career; opening with the ‘The Wrong Way to Be’ from their second album, ‘The New Fellas’. From anthemic singles such as the stomping ‘Hey Scenesters’ and the blistering ‘We Share The Same Skies’, to newer tracks such as ‘Rainbow Ridge’ and ‘In Your Palace’, each and every track triggered chaos throughout the angst driven crowd.

Always keen to explore their back catalogue, Ryan took to the mic with an acoustic guitar and joked that The Cribs were becoming an acoustic act as that’s what’s required for a musician to top the charts these days, before proceeding to play startling renditions of ‘It Was Only Love’ and ‘Shoot The Poets’. It was a truly special moment when the band reintroduced ‘Uptight’ from ‘In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull’ into the set list for the first time since 2012, and the crowd’s reaction served as a reminder (not that we would ever forget) of the immense levels of emotion that’s attached to the bands records.

Recorded live to tape in just five days, ’24/7 Rock Star Shit’ was produced by Steve Albini and captures the raw talent that runs through the veins of the Jarman brothers. A raucousness that translates well live, through the haywire licks and screeching vocals of ‘Dendrophobia’ and the reflective, softer sounding ‘Sticks Not Twigs’.

’24/7 Rock Star Shit’ is faithful to the bands DIY roots and the same can be said of their set at the Foundry, which came to an almighty and intense end with the scuzzy ’24/7 Rock Star’ closing track, ‘Broken Arrow’. If you’re looking for a pure rock ‘n’ roll show, then get yourself to a Cribs gig and within the first minute, you’ll understand exactly why their fans are so passionate.

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