Creeper – Cardiff Tramshed (2nd April 2017)

It has all been said before but demands to be said again: Creeper are going to change everything. During the latest shows in particular, those lucky enough to be in attendance felt as though they were crowd-surfing along the cusp of something colossal.

Following the release of their highly anticipated debut album ‘Eternity, In Your Arms’ (released via Roadrunner Records) – which itself was nothing short of phenomenal – the Southampton gang embarked on a eight date UK tour, finishing up at Cardiff’s Tramshed on April 2.

You would be forgiven for thinking that a three band warm up might be a little too much, but you’d be eating your words within seconds of each set. Puppy, Energy and Milk Teeth played as if it was only the first night of tour, energising the crowd with passionate performances ready for the main act. By the time Creeper were due to take to the stage, the pit that had been steadily flooding with people was then fit to burst. Purple lights washed over the sea of adrenalized faces, and the spooky spoken intro of ‘Black Rain’ softly chimed out, creating a sense of wondrous anticipation before the band crashed in with that explosive opening riff.

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Creeper crowds are reclaiming the lost essence of a traditional punk show, creating a safe environment for fans to go crazy in the best ways possible. There’s no longer any fear of getting kicked out for crowd-surfing; though the fear of getting kicked in the face might have increased ever so slightly. As the band reeled out crowd pleasers such as album singles ‘Suzanne’ and ‘Hiding With Boys’, as well as throwbacks for older fans ‘The Honeymoon Suite’ and the classic ‘We Had a Pact’, the crowd merged into one ecstatic entity. Constant pit circles raged on, like human plug holes sucking anyone and anything into a time loop, solidifying that moment forever as if it were a time capsule that could be returned to at anytime in one’s memories.

The intensity dipped only when Creeper willed it to, conducting their audience’s emotions as if they were instruments in their own rock opera. Soft chirrups eerily filled the venue as they broke into the album’s poignant eighth track ‘Crickets’, paving a path of calmness for keyboardist Hannah Greenwood’s raw, emotive vocals to drift along. Fittingly, Creeper rounded off their set with another slower song – the melancholically optimistic album closer ‘I Choose To Live’, obliterating all negative rock band connotations in one potent lyric.

Of course fans were not willing to part with their favourite band too easily, leading a chorus of chants that coaxed a more than eager Creeper to return to the stage and deliver two encores. They showed no sign of fatigue as they thundered through an electrifying rendition of ‘VCR’, injecting the audience with one final burst of euphoria before bringing everything to a momentous close with the heart-tugging cult classic ‘Misery’.

As vocalist Will Gould listened to his own lyrics being belted back at him during those final choruses, he wore the smile of a modest man who was just realising that he had made it. Creeper have the world at their feet and they are claiming it as their own, one callous heart at a time.

Photo Credit : meg_misery – Instagram