Coldplay - Wembley Stadium, London (19th June 2016) – LIVE REVIEW

Coldplay – Wembley Stadium, London (19th June 2016) – LIVE REVIEW

On the final night of Coldplay’s Wembley takeover, Chris Martin gave us a challenge, to be the best crowd ever. He’d had “a bit of a shitty day” you see, it was a Sunday night and the weather looked inclement. But because he’s everyone’s favourite bouncy labrador, Chris’s wishes were hard to resist, and he constantly interacted with the crowd during the evening to keep everyone on the journey to perfection. Amongst other things, he told us that the band had met on Tinder, that his brother was a metal fan (they sang an AC/DC cover) and that they may end up representing the UK in Eurovision before singing the rather dreary ‘Evergreen’. He’s such an undeniably charming guy.

The earlier set time of 8:00pm, while gratefully received by those with an eye on the Monday morning alarm clock setting, did mean that the full effect of the stunning light show didn’t kick in until part way through the set. All rules of the colour wheel were broken with the combinations of hue and pattern, as if the lighting guy had used every extremity of the Instagram filters. The wristbands issued on arrival lit up at various points in the show, evoking the Pavlovian Dog reaction of an immediate arm raise, and there is something quite magical about the sight of all those twinkling lights around the stadium and 75,000 people singing along, waving and sharing the experience.

With seven albums under their belt, Coldplay can easily summons a cracking set list, and it was fabulous to hear the old favourites Yellow (accompanied by a cloud of something resembling mustard gas), ‘The Scientist’, ‘Fix You’, ‘Clocks’ and ‘Charlie Brown’. ‘Viva La Vida’ followed by ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’ was a particularly purple patch. Another highlight was the request track ‘Trouble’, performed on the rear stage “with considerably less guitar than the original” due to the rain causing an instrument malfunction.

During the evening there were tributes to Prince, David Bowie, Muhammad Ali and Jo Cox, reinforcing that undeniable niceness of the band. As the closing bars of ‘Up And Up’ sounded out, Chris told us to “never give up”, and that we HAD BEEN that best crowd ever. Bless his heart, it was thoroughly rodding down by then and it was hard to believe that he really meant it. Coldplay may well have offered us a few too many dodgy album tracks in their last couple of offerings, Chris Martin may not be the best dancer or vocalist, but they have a sufficient stash on anthemic pleasers and a knack of connecting with the audience that merits their position as one of the world’s leading live acts.

This Coldplay article was written by Ellie Scott, a GIGsoup contributor.