Club.The.Mammoth All Dayer – Arts Club, Liverpool (21st Jan 2017)

London based promoters CLUB.THE.MAMMOTH really brought some life to The Arts Club, Liverpool, last weekend as they hosted one of their eagerly anticipated all day events. This archaic line up, headlined by The Fall and Cabbage, was one not to be missed in one of Liverpool’s favourite, maze-like venues.

The Fall are the pinnacle of this nihilistic entourage, fronted by Mr Mark E Smith and backed by an ever changing band, the expendable nature of band members has allowed The Fall to regenerate its sound and evolve into the modern age whilst keeping Smith’s increasingly cryptic lyrics. The DJ set before the grand finale features Fugazi, X-Ray Spex and Dead Kennedys. Dilating the veins on an already pumped up crowd, as die-hard The Fall fans rub shoulders with the new Y generation rockers from all lengths of northern England.

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Mark E Smith’s appearance as he saunters his way on stage is met with a roar of excitement. His cult-like following means he can blast his way through numbers in whatever manner he likes and it will always be met with joy.  Rolling his way around the stage and pulling at knobs on every amp he can set his sights on, The Fall’s sound grows increasingly louder throughout the set, leaving their lyrics spilling from the theatre into the streets surrounding. As he tuts his way through “Totally Wired” Mr Smith smashes his mic across the keyboard with one hand, peeling his way through lyric sheets with the other. The riots don’t show any sense of slowing down as the rolling drums and guitar twines of Cowboy George come into play, Mr Smith propelling the mic into the crowd with fans grasping furiously for the mic, multiple renditions of the tune are echoed through the speakers, much to the anger of the security trying to retrieve it.  

Mancunian madness has taken over the two stages, as previously Cabbage headlined the loft. After first seeing them in Liverpool just under a year ago their live shows have been going from great to great, consistently hearing about new kinds of obscenities that’ve taken place. Their set was no exception to this, clattering their way onto stage and breaking into a furious roar almost immediately. Their ability to send a crowd into a riotous whirlwind is definitely admirable and unlike any other band at the moment. Co-Frontman Lee Broadbent rides the lubed up crowd at every given opportunity, security holding him from being torn into the sinkhole of post teens by a fistful of fabric.

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Due to the clashing sets we were unable to see most of Hookworms play, however walking into the packed out theatre during their final number it’s safe to say they definitely know how to charm a crowd with their electric infused psych rock. Swamping the room in a coat of eclectic lights that make your eyes run rabid.

Another highlight down in the theatre was Leeds’ finest punk band Eagulls playing a distortion drenched set that was encased in a blue smoke. Their undoubtedly rawer debut album mixes and compliments the melodies of their follow up surprisingly well. Creating a number of highs and lows throughout the set that build suspense and see your body itching to jump into action. Their most popular track “Nerve Endings” closes the set with its driving rhythm and catchy lyrics that punctuate their way through the air.  

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Goat Girl also took to the main stage, this off kilter all fem group will have your body twisting and funking in a zombie like fashion. Although they only have two tracks available right now, their set was full of surprises. After managing to catch them twice this weekend we can say for sure that their performances are without flaw and the hype surrounding these girls is not over blown at all. Keep your eyes peeled for what they have to shed from their fingers as they knock their guitars back and draw the crowd in with their blatantly charmful song writing.

Our favourite little gem of this all dayer comes in the form of Pink Kink, the LIMA formed band have gathered quite a following in the Liverpool music scene over the past year despite having a pretty much non-existent online presence, with the absence of any releases or recordings. This very much shrouds their neon pop sound in secrecy, creating a mysterious demeanour. They play through a number of instantly hooking tunes with sharp lyrics that jump out at you, their delivery creating a sense of urgency that demands your full attention. They break into their own version of Le Tigre’s “The The Empty”, a band I would say they are most comparable to. All that glitters is not gold, but Pink Kink are definitely both. If you’re ever stumble upon a chance to see this hidden treasure live, then you must grasp it with both hands for sure.

All in all, we would love to thank CLUB.THE.MAMMOTH for orchestrating such an amazing day and doing it so well. The Arts Club is the perfect venue for an event like this and all acts were pieced together to leave the day on a consistent high before The Fall broke down the doors and unleashed the havoc.

Club.The.Mammoth All Dayer - Arts Club, Liverpool (21st Jan 2017)