Clean Cut Kid – The Garage, London (3rd April 2019)

Clean cut kid, the Liverpool band fronted by a bearded indie-pop maestro, bowled into north London’s the garage to land a midweek party atmosphere in the capital.

The heartfelt lyrics of in songs such as ‘Leaving You Behind’ teamed with the evident onstage love of their craft, made tonight a special occasion.

The faces at The Garage never wanted the shimmer of their sound to end, begging for more when the amps were sadly turned off.

Mike Halls is the most relaxed frontman we have ever seen, his wizard-like facial fuzz glistening in the blue lights, the sharp twang of his voice cutting beautifully through the crowd. He holds such a commanding presence onstage, a big task carried out with no frills, just the full remit of frontman confidence in what he is doing.

This is a band that captures the feeling of fragility in the line between a love-induced beat of the heart and the pain of heartache.

 ‘Felt’ stood out as the song that captures the essence of this feeling, and new songs ‘I Don’t Like You But I Love You’ and ‘Emily’ cement that firmly in place.

Clean Cut Kid are definitely a cut above many others.