Citizen Cope – Beacon Theatre, New York (2 March 2019)

On a snowy Saturday night fans were flowing in the doors of Manhattan’s Beacon Theatre for a sold out show. The crowd was joining to celebrate the release of Citizen Cope’s new album ‘Heroine and Helicopters’. While the opening act David Ramirez was finishing a beautiful set every seat in the theatre was being filled. When Citizen Cope and his band took the stage and the beginning notes of ‘Let the Drummer Kick’ were played every fan almost immediately sprung to their feet at the seated venue. The tone was set from the first song and Cope rode that for the duration of the show.

The second song of the night ‘Duck Confit’ came from the new album and was Cope’s spoken word combined with the deep sounds of an organ and 808 beats. It was certainly this song that proved the poetic and profound nature of Citizen Cope and his lyrics.

Furthermore on ‘Heroine and Helicopters’ is Citizen Cope taking you on a journey through his mind, life, and experiences. While coupled with beats that will make you move the album takes you through views on societal issues. As a result you learn about Cope’s views on spiritual enlightenment, his own struggles with religion, the shallow world of entertainment, and his own attempt of discovering his role in that. It’s an album to be appreciated.

Maybe the most impressive element of the show was the fact that Cope was able to hit all the right notes. He bounced perfectly between songs with his band, as well as solo acoustic songs, he played songs that the fans requested. Most noteworthy he played all of his hits at the perfect times. The crowd had a constant stream of energy because of organization of the setlist. The enthusiasm built more and more as songs like ‘Bullet And A Target’, ‘Sons Gonna Rise’ and ‘Sideways’ were sprinkled in with the new releases.

In addition to all of his songs Cope played a cover of ‘L.O.V.E’ by Nat King Cole and blew the crowd away with it. Due to the creativity of the music and arrangement of the night in the beautiful Beacon Theatre it became a night to remember. Citizen Cope exceeded my expectations as a live act. His passion for music is transmitted from the energy he feeds to the crowd from stage. You won’t want to miss him touring to support his new ‘Heroine and Helicopters’ album.

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