Circa Waves – Manchester Academy (23rd Mar 2017)

Many great music artists have come out of streets of Liverpool; The Beatles, Frankie Goes To Hollywood and The Wombats to name a few. The latest addition to follow in the footsteps of these iconic bands is four piece Circa Waves. 

Having released their second album ‘Different Creatures’ last week, the lads headed out on their headline UK tour following a 5 date album signing tour. The new album sees them mature as a band, with an obvious darker, deeper tone to the summer-pop feel of the debut ‘Young Chasers’, but keeping the Circa Waves vibe we have come to know and love.

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Opening support act INHEAVEN set the scene brilliantly! With their latest single ‘Treats’, the London based four piece brought a hit of hard rock and roll to Manchester. Having just come off their own headline tour, the band are setting themselves up for a big year! They performed some of their biggest hits along with a preview of the new single, as well as fan favourite ‘Regeneration’. A song that defines this band to the ground; featuring abrasive riffs, snarling vocals and lyrics to match the state of todays world. It’s no surprise as to why they are doing so well! INHEAVEN are set to play various festivals this summer, with new music coming soon! We’re sure they’re ones to watch for 2017.

Next up was The Magic Gang, with the release of their third EP ‘EP Three’ coming the next day (Fri 24th March – out now!), the quartet gave fans at Manchester’s Academy a sneak preview of what was to come. They performed a string of their biggest hits, including their most loved songs ‘All This Way’ and ‘Jasmine’ along with the lead single from the EP ‘How Can I Compete’. From the crowds reaction, it is sure to become another one of their anthems.

The band captivated the audience in a manner that can be hard for some support bands, but The Magic Gang pulled it off superbly! With mosh pits going off various times throughout the set and beer being thrown everywhere, the band are certain to have gathered a fair few fans over this tour. It may have helped that frontman Jack Kaye came down into the crowd during the beginning of their set, giving the lucky fans at the barrier a taste of what’s to come on their headline shows next month.

The Brighton based indie rockers bring a fresh new dynamic to the indie music scene, sharing out the lead vocals between Jack Kaye and Kristian Smith creating the most beautiful harmonies, along with addictive guitar riffs, strong bass lines and pounding drums. It’s hard to compare them to any other band as they have perfectly crafted their own sound over the years, although there is a slight resemblance to The Beatles in the melodies and guitar that keeps the crowd wanting more, as they did for the fab four. Following this support slot, The Magic Gang head off on their own headline tour in April/May to celebrate the EP’s release. You can expect to be hearing a hell of a lot more from this band over the coming months, and if nothing else go and have a listen to bring some magic to your ears!

Time for the headliners. Manchester’s Academy had sold out ready for Liverpool’s finest to grace the stage at the other end of the M62. As their set time grew closer, the venue filled out and by the end of the gig was packed to the rafters with Manchester’s indie kids who were going mental before the band had even walked on stage. Throwing drinks, crowd surfing and standing on their mates shoulders – leading to the crowd around him cheering as he stayed stood for a few minutes and then pretty much the whole audience turning to look and ‘ooooh’ him as he fell.

Circa Waves have seemed to blow up from nowhere following the release of the second album! After the debut they grew like crazy, but now they’re on a whole different level. Selling out almost every date on the Different Creatures tour, the quartet are set for huge things this year! With various festival slots confirmed for the summer, we can only wait and see what 2017 has in store for the Circa lads. 

Playing a mix of tracks from old and new albums, the band performed some of their biggest hits including ‘Fossils’, ’Wake Up’, ‘Stuck In My Teeth’, ‘Different Creatures’ and closing with the anthemic ’T-Shirt Weather’. Surprisingly they really did bring t-shirt weather to Manchester on Thursday, as the sun shone all day leading up to their gig. The reason why Circa Waves are the hottest band of the minute (aside from the brilliant music of course) could be because of the way frontman Kieran Shudall controls the audience. Holding them captivated in the music and getting them to go crazy throughout every song isn’t easy, but he could do it with his eyes closed.

Manchester seems to be one of the bands favourite cities, with Kieran saying “Manchester is always the biggest venue and always the first to sell out”. The fans who managed to get to this gig were in for a treat as the band stated that they would be filming their next music video that night! The lights dimmed red as the frontman asked “Manchester, if you’re going to go crazy this is the moment!” And go crazy they did, mosh pits and all – we can only imagine how good the video will turn out with the amount of bounce the crowd had during the track.

Circa Waves closed with the biggest song to date ’T-Shirt Weather’, the one everyone was waiting for as fans around me prepared themselves to go insane. The band were all too aware of this, saying as the first line came up “I think you know what’s coming now!” As promised the crowd hung on to every word, with their arms in the air, and as many mosh pits and crowd surfs as they could fit in 3 minutes. If the success this tour so far has told us anything, it’s that Circa Waves are in for the ride of their lives this year!

Circa Waves - Manchester Academy (23rd Mar 2017)

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