Circa Waves - Banquet and New Slang, Kingston (16th March 2017)

Circa Waves – Banquet and New Slang, Kingston (16th March 2017)

To celebrate the release of their second album, Circa Waves took over Kingston’s Banquet records for the day. Not only did they do an in-store signing, but the band also held an all-ages gig before heading over to New Slang at Hippodrome for the night.

South London’s indie kids queued around the lack to catch a photo and a signed album from the Liverpool-based four-piece. ‘Different Creatures’ marks a move into a bolder direction, with a more grown-up feel to it than their debut ‘Young Chasers.’ The band have previously said that they drew inspiration from the uncertain times that we currently find ourselves in, and wanted to make a record with a more night-time feel to it.

As the night descended, they treated fans to an early-evening set, that catered to all ages, before going on to perform a late-night set, supported by Sheikh. Mosh pits and crowd-surfing seemed to fit the band’s more vigorous tone.

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Opening with the first single off the album, ‘Wake Up’ was met with rapturous head shaking, feet stomping and shouting along. There was an overwhelming sense of release as Hippodrome’s main room became a hotbed for anarchic bouncing off one another while guitars roared in the background. ‘Get Away’ then acted as an instant reminder to fans of their first album, and a more daytime, summer record that was now reinvented to fit their more grown-up feel. ‘Fire That Burns’ was also a stand-out moment, the newest single was received as an instant classic.  

Of course, the entire room lit up when they closed with their biggest hit, ‘T-Shirt Weather.’ The instantly familiar chords triggered a rapturous cry before the crowd shouted along word-for-word. A reminder to fans that while they continue to progress in technique and style, they’ll always have that one special moment to come back to.

‘Different Creatures’ is out now via Virgin EMI Records. Photo credit for main image : _mr_guitar_man_

Circa Waves - Banquet and New Slang, Kingston (16th March 2017)