Chon 6.15.17

CHON – The Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, OH, US (15th June 2017)

In support of the release of their second full-length album ‘Homey’, progressive math-rockers CHON treated a packed Cleveland house at The Agora Ballroom. It is only natural that they brought a full lineup of instrumental bands with them, who all have their own unique stylings to offer. Little Tybee opened up the show with their 6-piece group, easing the crowd into the night with some progressive folk rock. Following them was Covet, who has more of a math rock quality with a magical twist. Especially magical with the addendum of a wizard’s hat via bassist David Adamiak. Things took a harder turn with the math rock meets noise rock of Tera Melos, who ultimately got participants ready to move.

The Cleveland crowd was especially lucky to receive the headliners. ‘Homey’ was fully released at midnight almost directly following the show, after concert-goers got a tasting of material off of the new album. CHON opened up their set with ‘Sleepy Tea’ which also coincides as the first song off of ‘Homey’. In addition to some of their more classic material, the quartet also interweaved 3 additional new jams off of the album in with their set.

No aspect of a CHON performance is simply average. The band stands out from within the world of instrumental music offering fiery fretwork majorly thanks to guitarist Mario Camarena. Camarena is extremely easygoing with his custom Ibanez guitar, which was showcased through some of his solos during the set. Deliverance is easily the best part of Camarena’s talent. He was always seen to be smiling and nodding his head to the beats, leading the sways and nods of the crowd.

His band members also do not disappoint. Cleveland saw the return of bassist Esiah Camarena, in addition to Nathan Camarena on drums. Erick Hansel shared center stage as fellow guitarist and featured vocalist for the few songs with lyrics. Although CHON has a lot of peppy, jazz influence, they know how to have a good time. Before launching into one of their hit singles, Hansel made a simple request of the audience: “I really wanna see a mosh pit at this show. This next one is called ‘Bubble Dream’.” Of course it delivered. From that point on, the show consisted of on/off crowd moshing, crowd surfing, and even people jumping off of the stage itself to surf.

CHON closed out their 17-song set with an encore of ‘Knot’ as well as bringing out Covet’s very own Yvette Young to aid Hansel in the vocal performance of ‘Can’t Wait’. Fast and fluid hit ‘Perfect Pillow’ finalized the night and left the crowd happy and fulfilled.

You can catch CHON on the final few weeks of their tour throughout June. For those who can’t wait, ‘Homey’ is out and available for listening now.