Chase Atlantic – Newport Music Hall, U.S. (18th July 2019)

Continuing on the road for their “Phases” Tour, it seemed that Chase Atlantic would have a tough go at it, following the locally-loved Lauren Sanderson. A decent amount of the crowd cleared out following her act. Following a musical intro, Jesse Boyle (touring drummer) commanded the stage, and Newport Music Hall in Columbus was packed once again just like magic. Frontman Mitchel Cave stormed the stage, exploding in between the front geyser fog machines.

Cave is a force to be reckoned with. Not only is he the vocalist, but he’s his own hype man and wild dancer. It wasn’t hard to get this crowd going with him. With lyrics in relation to love, lust, the party life- it seems that the band battles it all in real time onstage. Not in a dramatic way, but in a way that acknowledges and accepts what life throws their way. Following their highest-streamed song on Spotify (33,109,257 listens at this very point in time) and first breakout song, “Friends”, the band took an unusual (but much deserving) quick intermission.

“Swim” and “Lust” follow, in our emotional journey. On a different note, the strobe lights and fog machines never cease to quit- which keeps the mood light and clubby. It’s not possible to expect anything other than this from an Aussie alt-pop trio. Chase Atlantic somehow manages to combine alternative pop, R&B, and even some rock, flawlessly. Their stage getup and show relates the same.

Closing out the show, Cave thanks the audience exclaiming, “This is all thanks to you guys!” Meanwhile giving a back look and a smile to his brother, Clinton Cave on guitar, and Christian Anthony also on guitar. If you missed this experience, “PHASES” is available to stream now. The tour has a few more stops in the U.S. before it hits the U.K. later this fall.