Energy, enthusiasm, unity and a good time, all of which can be found at an Olympic Stadium, or at a Cage the Elephant concert for that matter. Founded in Kentucky, but relocated in London, the boys are back to take center stage and feed your ears. Utilizing crunchy wave lengths and Matt Schultz’ (vocals) erratic dance moves, they are no stranger to rock n roll.

Support act Spring King open up the set, ready for everyone to dive in when Cage take the stage, and it doesn’t take long. Fusing punk rock and indie-shoegazing, they were the optimum band to prepare you for what was about to come. Spring King finish their set, and everyone rushes to the bar/smoking area (or maybe both) to see how much can consume before the lights come on. The crowd are hungry for more and the house music isn’t helping.

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The lights dim and the crowd cheers, and those still outside forget that they paid £10 for that pack of fags n rush to fill the spaces, confirmation that the show has started. Cage the Elephant jump straight in with ‘Cry Baby‘ off of their latest album ‘Tell Me I’m Pretty’, and follow up with the classic ‘In One Ear’, from the self-titled 2008 album. The mosh pits have opened and teen spirit is spilling everywhere, leaving Cage to suck it all up.

The set mainly consisted of songs off of their latest album, with revisits to the hits such as ‘Aint No For The Wicked’, ‘Spiderhead‘, and ‘Aberdeen‘, a perfect setlist to show you just how mature their sound has become, but still have you acting like a cry baby. They also treated everyone to their cover of ‘Whole Wide World‘ by Wreckless Eric, which will feature on their new album ‘Unpeeled’, releasing July 28th. The album will contain 18 curated songs from their past four albums, and three remixed preexisitng tracks.

After the fan favourite ‘Cigarette Daydreams‘ was delivered, the band walked off and were immediately called back for an encore. With little time to spare, Cage the Elephant unleash what energy they have left with ‘Shake Me Down‘ and ‘Come a Little Closer‘. The night is finished off with ‘Teeth’ before Matt Schultz takes his top off and performs his signature move, the stage dive. The first timers and the fifth timers hold him in their grasp, as he steadies himself up above everyone, looking out at the sea of people, waving back and forth. Setlists and guitar plectrums are tossed amongst the crowd and the show is over.

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