BORNS – The Grammy Museum, Los Angeles (7th May 2018)

Usually Mondays aren’t the best days of the week but Monday evening, a small crowd of about 200 people waited outside in Downtown Los Angeles at the stunning and exuberant Grammy Museum. Being surrounded by legendary musician pieces, the small crowd was gifted the soothing voice of Garrett Borns.

Walking out with a smile and a stylish and lovely 80’s looking button up shirt, Garrett was interviewed with some questions and answers by one of the Grammy Museum members where he talked about his sophomore album, Blue Madonna, which was later open to the crowd asking him questions. As everyone in the crowd waited with excitement, BORNS came back on stage with his keyboard played and guitar player. On stage was a keyboard, acoustic guitar and electric guitar.

As the first song, Faded Heart from his album Blue Madonna was played, everyone’s jaw dropped as Garrett sang every note perfectly. His keyboard played in a very simple and calming way, complimenting his soothing voice.

He then played Holy Ghost from his debut album, Dopamine, which really showed his vocal talent and how his voice could reach a great range. During the ending of Holy Ghost the guitarist played through a reverse pedal and gave the song an extra piece and brought out a part of the song you can’t experience while listening to the record itself. BORNS continued playing another track from Blue Madonna called, I Don’t Want You Back, and again impressed the whole crowd singing each of those high notes and giving the audience goose bumps.

Reaching the end of the set, BORNS mentioned it would have been the last of the night, which got everyone in the crowd guessing the obvious song choice of his, which was his hit song Electric Love which reached the Billboard Charts in 2015 at the position of number 15. In the crowd you could hear people whispering the lyrics as it was silent with his angelic voice echoing the intimate venue and having everyone deeply into the song.


Leaving the venue after the show, everyone was talking about how amazing and unforgettable was, including myself. I have been to many shows, but this intimate show, was hands down one that I will not forgot not only because of the dreamy and capturing voice of Garrett Borns, but the venue itself.

You can purchase Blue Madonna here.