BONES – Castle Theatre, Bloomington, IL (September 23, 2017)

Girl power! Beautiful, hypnotizing, and intense. BONES members Rosie Bones and Carmen Vandenberg will be sure to get your attention at one of their live shows. Intense guitar riffs, sexy, swanky stage swagger and an ability to draw in a crowd like no other. BONES is currently on tour with Highly Suspect, which is currently touring across the United States through November.

Opening the show with their song ‘Happy’, Carmen begins the song with an intense, heavy guitar solo mixed in with some dramatic drums and cymbals. Rosie joins in with her guitar and begins to sing, a sweet seductive sound. The audience is in pure awe.

The real clincher during the show was Rosie’s story about the song ‘Girls’ can’t play guitar. “We are from a place in London, more specifically a place called Camden Town. This next song has a story. We get this gig in Camden Town from which we came and we get this guy. This guy came up to us after the show. He said he loved the show. He said we were amazing and our band was awesome, but our band will never be as good as his band, ’cause girls can’t play guitars as well as boys. He said it was biologically impossible, because we have smaller hands. So we wrote him this song and this song is dedicated to that man in Camden Town, who will probably be in Camden Town until the day he dies.” The crowd goes wild.

The finale of the concert was definitely the show stopper, ‘Pretty Face’. The intro is the chorus and has very addictive, catchy hook lines “What a waste of a pretty face, What a waste. That face. That face. What a waste. Will you want me when I’m old and dead” The band’s overall message throughout the show is summed up in these lyrics. Don’t waste time trying too hard to be perfect, just be yourself.