A sense of regional pride set in as number of “Manchester na na na” chants riled the crowd up. Blossoms blew onto stage opening with the single ‘At Most a Kiss,’ their entrance had the audience pumping. The bands stage presence was echoed by the lighting rig; the lights were awesome! In particular; the bass solo leading into the bridge of ‘At Most a Kiss’ was laden with perfect purple flashes. While the snare drum sent searching beacons of violet into the crowd every time it landed. Teaching us early on that this was more than just a gig for the music.

A surge of enthusiasm captured the crowd during the second track ‘Smoke’. Front man Tom tempted us to take part in the songs hook by uttering the invoking phrase “And it’s everywhere she goes I don’t know…” Naturally we obliged and the songs addictive chorus bellowed through the atmosphere of the Albert Hall. The chants soon evolved into a cheer of appreciation for both of the bands opening tracks. It became obvious that we were a vocal crowd. The short opening picks of ‘Getaway’ were almost too easily stolen by our desire to sing along. Tom had us take the vocals before picking up the reigns once again on the second verse.

‘You Pulled a Gun on Me.’ brought more vocalizations from the crowd, who were mimicking the catchy keyboard riff. The song finished charmingly with a flurry of camera like flashes piercing the shade and humbling the crowd. Next came the current single “Blown Rose” which was greeted by a thunderous echo that fell from every lyric and melodic riff. The pause between these songs was used for the introduction of the bands lead guitarist Josh Dewhurst. And of course yet another “Manchester” chant.

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The penultimate song brought about a change in tempo. Front man Tom was left alone to entertain the crowd with a cheer off. Meanwhile a keyboard was brought to the front and a solo version of ‘Onto Her Bed’ was performed. However the punishing noise of the crowd seemed to cancel out subtle tinkles of the keys. An unsettling and resonating bass came to the aid of Tom’s warm vocals but the song definitely lost some of its effect on the sheer quantity of us. Another acoustic song followed played on the guitar. This again was minimized by the enormity of the room. However, the crowd were soon joined in unison; heartily singing along to a medley of Babybird’s ‘You’re Gorgeous’, Oasis’ ‘Half the World Away’ and Whams’ ‘Last Christmas’ all tagged onto the end of ‘My Favourite Room’.

An awesome light show was fragmented across heavy siren sounds and made the stage seem as if it was its own mechanical being – wailing and crying out; molding to the illuminations. ‘Texia’ opened the encore with its staggering synth melody falling into line with sounds of the light show that preceded. Tom called out for a mosh pit in the middle of the crowd before taunting us by saying “let’s turn it up a bit for ‘Polka Dot Bones’”. During a swirling mass of bodies in the center of room he proudly and smugly uttered “This is a B-side”. The dramatic guitar strikes and bass hits of the chorus triggered beacons of light behind the band. ‘Deep Grass’ continued the encore whilst Tom announced that “He wishes he could do this every night”.

Any fan of Blossoms or Indie music in general would know which song was missing from the set. The infectious riff of ‘Charlemagne’ started up and the room exploded. Yet in terms of entertainment the lighting seemed underwhelming compared to the other songs. It didn’t feel like a conclusion.

However upon the second chorus, with the crowd like putty in their hands, a deafening bang went off. Camouflaged cannons either side of the stage submerged us in confetti. This created an immense feeling of shock and surprise. As the confetti rained down on us we belted out the final words of the bands hit single. Before leaving the stage once more Tom uttered the invoking phrase “And it’s everywhere she goes I don’t know…” to ensure we were still singing as we spilled onto the streets.

Blossoms - Manchester Albert Hall (3rd Dec 2016)

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