Black Falcon – Live ‘360 Club’ at Lending Room, Leeds, UK (25th August 2017)

Black Falcon rock.

It could be possible to leave this review at this point and you would know all you need to know about Black Falcon. Yes, they are a powerful sounding outfit, yes they are supremely entertaining live, yes they are all very talented musicians who don’t put a foot wrong and yes, they look the part.

But ultimately what Black Falcon do best is rock!

So while the great and the good were assembled 8 miles away in a field the other side of Leeds to watch Muse and Liam Gallagher et al there was a somewhat smaller crowd eagerly awaiting Black Falcon who had themselves been fondly abusing the support acts which preceded them from the comfort of the bar. The event, organised by 360′ Club, had lined up 4 acts on a Friday night at The Lending Room and 3 of them fitted well. Pocket Fox started us off with a friendly set of hard rock songs and poor mid-tuning banter, Evil Eye took the intensity (and banter) up a notch directly preceding Black Falcon but Red Light Revival were the runt of this litter of hard rocking reprobates. While they were very competent and tuneful they came across as a covers band who had been asked to do their own songs and suffered for not being aligned with the other acts. They brought their own fans (uniformly in shirts and jeans, somewhat at odds with the t-shirts and generally tattiness of the other audience members) and it was a testament to the crowd’s enthusiasm that the mood stayed upbeat although there were sarcastic calls for Dire Straits songs.

Black Falcon kicked off with their single ‘Living In Me’, now a year old but still sounding fresh and powerful with an annoyingly catchy hook in the chorus which is not necessarily the norm in heavy metal music and instantly the crowd were caught. The track is due a reboot shortly when the newly recorded video (pictures of the band in shirts and ties have surfaced) is released with the backing of their recently signed to record label MSH Music Group. A new single, ‘Devils Chase Him’ is to be released in early September with album plans in place too. They have a core of metal with the double bass drum of Lee Durham setting the tone but with layers of hard rock, doom metal, stoner rock, a punk attitude and pop sensibility Black Falcon are a difficult band to define. Live they show their character and there is a lot of fun to be had, Dave Ayres the frontman whilst being a bona fide author in the real world has a set of pipes on him which are required as there is a lot else going on. Jonny Hunter swings his Flying V as if it were indeed the archetypical axe and on the opposite side twin brother Liam shows his hip hop taste with his funky bass grooves and grins constantly at the rest of the band, the crowd, his bass, thin air, life in general seems to suit this genial tattooed bassmeister. Finally there is Richard Fisher who alongside Jonny keeps the riffs rolling and, in his case, the hair flying.. On a crowded stage each member has their own space, their own character and make themselves heard in their own way. A band of characters, you get to see the individuals who make up the band live and if the new album is consistently as good as the couple of new tracks they showcased this evening the album will bring them to a bigger audience who they can charm with their subtle lunacy.