Ashestoangels & Griever – The Key Club, Leeds, 24th October 2019

What’s better than one spooky band doing a tour around the apt time of Halloween I hear you cry. Why, that would be TWO spooky bands doing a fiendishly fangtastic Halloween tour, and that’s exactly what we were treated to when Ashestoangels and Griever teamed up for the ‘From the Grave to the Stage’ tour. Each headlining act using the valuable resource to tease their eagerly awaiting fans of what is yet to come, and by goodness it’s a rock/punk/metal masterpiece that we cannot wait for from each of these bands.

Joining these rockers on this mid-week show were local hardcore outfit Betray the Throne, who stood tall with ferocious riffs and gnarly vocals from singer Nic. A truly powerful way to kick off this night, they were followed swiftly by the more melodic, but equally supersonic lads in Autocracy. Sending literal chills down your spine with latest single ‘Maelstrom’, they couldn’t have been a more welcome support act.

The ever erratic, ever energetic Ashestoangels clambered onto stage next, once again ignoring the social protocols of personal space in every conceivable way, screaming insanely wicked punk rock songs in your face with glee. It’s almost as if they are fuelled by the spooky season, kicking them into overdrive and the crowd didn’t mind one bit, particularly as firm fan favourites ‘Six Six Six’ and ‘Not in my Name’ opened proceedings to punk perfection.

Revelling in the chance to show something new, latest single ‘As Above/So Below’ was given an airing to a hungry live audience. With bouncy riffs, pounding percussion and a tantalisingly addictive chorus, it went down an absolute treat. If this is a sign for things to come, then we can’t wait for more. Rounding off their generous set with a mix of tracks from their exceedingly vast back catalogue, it was wonderful to see the boys back in their element, completely rocking until they drop and vocalist Adam Crilly darting around, ignoring health and safety regulations like a madman.

Taking the headline position for the night were the ghoulish metalcore band Griever. Walking onto the stage painted literally as if they were from beyond the grave, they couldn’t be better fit for the occasion. Callum Howle delighted with his dark and deep vocals, coupled with the driving drums and insane riffs, it was enough to get anyone headbanging like crazy.

Also taking the ample opportunity to showcase new blood, single ‘The Sickness in Me’, with delicate notes and vocals running alongside truly terrifying notes was wonderful to hear. The chorus in particular showcased Howle’s soaring vocals, a true delight indeed. Keeping the crowd in their grasp for the entire set, we were treated to absolute metallic gems including ‘Welcome to Hell’ and ‘She is Death’.

While Ashestoangels and Griever may come from ever so slightly different corners of the music world, their styles seem to match perfectly in terms of live performances, making this a spectacular evening to behold. If these two exceptionally and horrifyingly talented co-headliners were to collaborate at all, then we most certainly would not mind.

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