As Sirens Fall – The Key Club, Leeds, UK (21st April 2018)

Traditionally, Friday 13th is met with fear, superstition and marking one’s self with good luck charms to make it through the day. Perhaps for As Sirens Fall, choosing to release their latest EP ‘Where Lost Things Go’ that day just may have been their luckiest of charms. Following this momentous event, which has been years in the making for the band, came their EP release party in their home away from home, The Key Club in Leeds.

You know what they say, if there’s balloons, then it’s definitely a party, and the venue was littered in festivity and glitter to mark the most incredible of celebrations. And for the first time, As Sirens Fall embarked upon a VIP acoustic session before the main event, with their close-knit fans gathered on the floor for an intimate handful of songs, including the first live outing of ‘My Only Ghost’.

Starting the night off exactly right were Accident/Happy, who brought the anxiously waiting crowd to their feet with a fistful of punk and sass with their anthemic set. Following swiftly after were Deadlock Saints, injecting fire into the room and bringing classic UK heavy metal screaming back to life. Finally bringing a fresh twist into the face of rock, Rock Bottom Risers rounded off the trio of wonderful, locally sourced talent.

 As the lights dimmed and the highly anticipated event entered the stage, the room electrified as the delicate plucking for Like Vultures began, before diving back down memory lane with Smoke and Last Goodbyes. Having two EPs in their arsenal gives As Sirens Fall much more material to play with onstage, and with that, more songs for the audience to learn. A mere eight days since the release of ‘Where Lost Things Go’, each fan knew every single word to each track, which is a testament to how these boys are admired. The room was alive with pride and adulation, particularly towards bassist Jason Doveston, who against doctors’ orders, played his heart out only two days after having surgery on his arm. Call it guts or bravery, but that is rock n roll and the crowd were loving it.

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Fresh songs Lily and She Runs With the Wolves signalled a new path for As Sirens Fall, with more complicated riffs executed seamlessly by Richard Hadley and Adam Doveston respectively and powerful percussion from a drummer refusing to fade into the background: Jarlath McCaughery, it seems that nothing is impossible for this team. This coupled with vocalist Mikey Lord’s insane yet brilliant insistence on creating tracks with an even higher range is impressive to say the least, but accomplished perfectly with every new song they produce.

A quick change saw Jason Doveston bow out and praised for his valiant efforts on bass, and replaced with stand-in Mikey Green. Powering through the rest of the set saw the crowd moving every which way for firm fans favourites My Only Ghost and Lonely Tomorrows. This contrasted perfectly with following track Getaway, which saw a keyboard being dragged centre stage, where Lord jokingly played the introductory notes to My Chemical Romance’s Welcome to the Black Parade, which provoked a reaction to say the least. All the lighters, phones and generally anything with a light was produced to create a beautiful scene of shining brightness, a tone of positivity lingering in the air.

Rounding off the night was a satisfying display of where As Sirens Fall have come from and where they have reached today, with crowd never missing a beat and never backing down from a good singalong and dance. Lord celebrated with an obligatory crowd surf to seal the night as a success. As In My Mind and Where You Are drew to a close, it wouldn’t have been a surprise if you could hear the roar from outside the building. This may not be the biggest venue in the world, but that night, it might as well have been Wembley. The love and sense of pride was deep and was true and the occasion captured forever with a wonderful selfie with the audience.

With more UK tour dates to come before taking the As Sirens Fall train to the continent for the very first time, the quintet have so much to look forward to and even more to be excited about. If we could bet on anyone making it big this year, all of our money would go on these boys, for their determination and raw talent is unstoppable and unfathomable, and the whole world needs to know exactly who they are.


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