As Sirens Fall – The Exchange, Keighley (17th August 2019)

Spending the best part of 2019 as supporting acts for a great number of fantastic bands up and down the country, it was certainly about time that As Sirens Fall graced the stage at their very own show.

The fans certainly thought so too, as they managed to sell out the venue yet again. Fast becoming a new tradition for their shows, this prospect can only make a band’s heart sing, I imagine.

Kicking off the evening were the devilishly addictive metallers in Sertraline, slaying their sensationally heavy set with sublime vocals from Lizzie. Their combination of melodic tones dancing alongside blasting riffs and drums is surely something to keep you on your toes, or at least, viciously head-banging. Kill the Silence jumped to bat next with a killer set from their latest EP ‘Bloodlines’ which saw the crowd instantly dancing along to these infectious tracks.

As Queen’s masterpiece ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ faded out of existence, the lights dimmed and As Sirens Fall took their place back where they belong: the main stage. To say that fans were eagerly anticipating their return to a headline show was an understatement, as it had been almost a year since their last outing in this very building. This isn’t to say that they’ve been resting on their laurels, far from it, as we would find out as this very evening.

Bouncing into life with latest EP ‘Where Lost Things Go’ favourites: ‘My Only Ghost’ and ‘Like Vultures’, it was like the boys had never been away. Vocalist Mikey Lord soaked in the limelight and was in his absolute element, hopping around the stage, greeting all manner of fans up close and personal. Every fan got a high-five or a fist bump from bassist Jason Doveston or lyrics screamed in their face by Lord, much to their amusement.

Darting from past to present, As Sirens Fall delighted with ‘Where You Are’, ‘Last Goodbyes’ and ‘She Runs With the Wolves’, before taking a moment to give a nod to their latest venture. Several months earlier, the band embarked upon a new idea: a Patreon page aptly named the ‘Not Dead Yet’ crew, where fans could donate a fee of their choice every month to essentially, make the As Sirens Fall dream a reality. This moment seemed the right time to thank those dedicated enough to make this generous donation, after revealing that the money raised so far had funded the recording of a single, which was music to everyone’s ears.

Then diving into ancient history, the lads resurrected their first single ‘From Across the Waves’ and a track not played in a number of years: ‘Make a Killing’, seeing a smile draw upon the oldest of fans before most of the band departed from the stage, leaving Lord alone with his microphone.

Taking a brave step into the centre of the stage, a delicate track of synth echoed hauntingly around the room. This piece called ‘Wildflower’ was simply, the most emotional, personal and beautiful track about loss. How Lord managed to belt out this piece without falling apart was astonishing, you could feel it must have been a difficult song to sing for him. For this reason, a tremendous amount of respect resonated throughout the room, and each person soaked in the intensity of his words. This followed with piano led track ‘Getaway’ before the rest of the band rejoined their vocalist back on stage.

The remainder of debut EP ‘The Hospital Party’ tracks ‘State of the Artist’, ‘Lonely Tomorrows’ and ‘Smoke’ blasted proceedings into the rock side of things, celebrating their third year in existence. Even falling off the stage wouldn’t stop Lord carrying on a show. No ambulance required as their dutiful fans saved him from a catastrophic fall, he carried on singing in among the crowd, as guitarist Adam Doveston and bassist Jason Doveston took full advantage of the significantly empty stage. It’s true that these lads always put on a crackingly fun show, and this was no exception.

Surely the most exciting words a fan can hear at a gig is: ‘Do you want to hear something new?’. Of course, no one in the history of ever has said no. There’s something nice about appreciating a song you’ve never heard before, especially since they refused to divulge the name, dubbing it ‘Paul’ instead, but it was certainly an interesting step in the labyrinth of the band’s journey. Once this track dropped, As Sirens Fall promised that this wasn’t the only song they wanted to unleash upon the world, but we would have to be patient before we could hear what the next chapter in the story is.

Ending the night with fan favourite ‘Lily’, the crowd were urged to scream for one last time: ‘Take the Power Back’ and boy, did they ever. Tantalising their nearest and dearest with a sense of the new is always an exhilarating experience, but the sense of camaraderie As Sirens Fall have is wonderful to behold, and this is how you know they are going to go far. There’s one thing we know for certain, we simply cannot wait for what these boys have in store for us next.