As Sirens Fall – Studio 5 Live, Keighley (28th February 2020)

The first headline outing of the decade for As Sirens Fall came with a fun little twist, not just one but two consecutive sold-out live shows in their hometown of Keighley. That’s right, two sold-out shows. Their year has skyrocketed so far, with an incredible reception from their latest single ‘Holy Water’ and fans could now hear it in all its live glory.

Kicking off the evening were alt-rock quintet Foxhaunt from York with a head-banging set, getting the crowd moving with gritty track ‘Dirt’ and treating us all to some fresh material, which was greatly received indeed. Following were fellow Northern talent with epic choruses Your Illuminations, who are certainly an exciting force to reckoned with. Epic drum solo segways, head-bopping rock and dainty notes with emotional track ‘Glitter’, this band have an infectious quality that you simply cannot ignore.

The haunting words of Nick Cave’s Red Right Hand danced across the pitch black as As Sirens Fall graced the stage. Ever evolving their stage presence, a mish-mash of black and yellow begins this era of the band. This new splash of colour almost brings to mind MCR’s Killjoys era. Blasting into life with invigorating new track ‘We Go Down Together’, the crowd were instantly on their feet and in the palm of their hands, the boys were back. Energy radiated throughout the room as they bounced through ‘Where You Are’ and ‘My Only Ghost’.

The endless range of Mikey Lord’s voice resonated within ‘Lily’ and ‘She Runs with the Wolves’ with astronomical notes blasting as these tracks drew to a close. However, the true scale of his vocals shone during delicate track ‘Wildflower’. The shocking red hue that lit the stage contrasted the vulnerability lying within these passionate, personal words remarkably. Lord’s legitimacy within these lyrics made for such a raw performance and was absolutely stunning to behold.

Hearing new music ‘Holy Water’ was certainly a highlight of the evening, with slower riffs and gospel style backing vocals echoing throughout the room and from the lips of everyone in the crowd at the chorus. A few years ago, you may have naively thought that As Sirens Fall were just another rock band, but this track cements the notion that they are so much more than any genre could ever define them to be.

Gritty tracks ‘Smoke’ and ‘State of the Artist’ draw the first evening to a close and a nod to their roots with first track ‘From Across the Waves’ show just how far As Sirens Fall have come. But with a promise of another live performance less than 24 hours away with a different setlist for their Saturday night audience, there certainly wasn’t enough time to miss these lads.