The Amazons – O2 Forum Kentish Town, UK (October 12th 2017)

O2 Forum Kentish Town – a huge gig for The Amazons. Lead singer Matt Thomson told the rowdy crowd that only a year ago, he and his band from Reading were playing to scarcely packed pubs.

Anybody who has listened to the riff-heavy brand of rock on their debut self-titled album – will know why they have gained the following to play venues such as these.

Thomson even took a moment to get different sections of the crowd to scream at the top of their lungs, before cheerfully remarking “cheers! I’ve never been able to do that at a show before!”

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For those of you out there who are not so clued up on how The Amazons are one of the hottest bands in the country right now – huge crowds at Reading and Leeds this summer, a rip-roaring album and a huge performance at Manchester’s Neighbourhood Festival earlier this month, are just some of the reasons why.

Seeing The Amazons here tonight, we got the same intoxicating energy from the crowd that had only been matched in recent shows by Catfish & The Bottlemen’s headline slot at London’s Community Festival at the beginning of the summer.

Opening on the anthemic Ultraviolet, it was easy to see where this show was headed….sweat, beer, and elbows to the face.

A geezer’s review of this set may have featured lines such as “banger after banger”. This would be a perfectly accurate assessment. Black Magic, Raindrops, Stay With Me: the list goes on.

Thomson, clearly hyped up for this show, strutted about on stage and bellowed out his words in his brilliant voice that makes you wonder how he doesn’t lose his voice after each outing.

He almost squared up to the microphone with each lyrical lashing, whipping his flame red hair back from his eyes, urging the moshing crowd before him to mosh on even further.

The Amazons have crafted a set-list full of tunes that stick in your mind, roll off your tongue and demand that you bop your head. Whilst the search to create “catchy” songs can sometimes cause a band to simplify matters, The Amazons remain lyrically impressive and brilliantly engaging.

Having a large piano wheeled on stage, the rest of the band cleared and the lights lowered. Thomson reappeared to play a stunning rendition of Palace. Stripped back, his vocals really hit home. The venue was silenced.

The rest of the band reappeared and Thomson made the Forum shake, with rumbling chords from the keys. The crowd tonight sang every word to every song, even chanting the riff to Junk Food Forever between each track. They were rewarded in explosive fashion during the second half of the encore.

Gig Soup witnessed what felt like the big stage arrival of a band that will continue to build a huge following.

 It was an impressive mix of ages within the crowd here tonight. Whilst that may spell a “middle of the road” tag for some acts, with The Amazons, it is a reflection of their brilliance that earns them this broad appeal.

The shattering performance of Black Magic, interjected with Millions, showcased the addictive fluidity in their performance.

An extension of this current tour has already been announced for the New Year, “The Debut Album Tour, pt. 2”.

A band clearly in demand, who are clearly loving it.