The Amazons – Cardiff Tramshed, Cardiff, UK (10th October 2017)

Since their last visit to the Welsh capital at the beginning of the year, The Amazons have transformed from a small indie band, to virtually becoming a household name.  From playing to a mere 6 people in their early days, to selling out one of Cardiff’s most revered venues, The Amazon’s rise to fame has stunned the music world.

Kicking off their much-anticipated set, the band burst onto stage with a superb rendition of latest single ‘Ultraviolet’, the energy in the atmosphere was palpable.  Immediately the electrifying riffs and rolling drum and bass whipped the crowd into a frenzy.  From ‘Raindrops’ to ‘Stay With Me’, every song from their debut album was performed, and every song had the crowd dancing, singing, and moshing to its infectious and anthemic vibe.

Whilst The Amazon’s self-titled debut album may be undeniably catchy, their live performances are where they really come into their own.  The unadulterated raw passion the band exude is rarely seen, and perfectly represents their commitment to playing music they love, and the pure joy that comes with it.  This was beautifully exemplified by the seamless intertwining of ‘Black Magic’ and ‘Millions (The Afterparty)’.  An almost grungy heaviness added a whole new dimension to both of the songs, resulting in one of the most memorable and extraordinary performances to have graced Cardiff this year.

It takes either an extremely brave man, or an extremely foolish man, to stand in front of a rabble of intoxicated Welsh music fans and mock their recent football loss, but somehow frontman Matt Thompson managed to pull it off with a confident charm.  Proceeding to wrap a Ddraig Goch around his shoulders for the remainder of the set, the audience were in the palm of his hand.  Concluding with a gratuitously heavy yet sincere take on ‘Something in the Water’, the chants of adoring fans almost drowned out every note coming from the stage.

However, that of course was not the end.  Drifting onto stage, Thompson led the crowd in a heartfelt encore of piano ballad ‘Palace’, before ending on fan-favourite ‘Junkfood Forever’.  The band sauntered off stage, with the look of a band who have just realised their talent.

The Amazons  – ‘The Amazons’ is available now via Fiction Records

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